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  • Intersection Of Hospital Place Drive/Savannah Court And S 17th St Wilmington, NC 28401, USA - Wilmington
    There are four buses that can transport people to the Health Department, whereas only one of the buses, the 105 Medical Center Line, actually drops people off on the side of 17th Street in which the Health Department is located. The other three bus routes - the 106 West Line, the 202 Independence Line, and the 205 Long Leaf Park Line, - all drop people off on the other side of 17th Street, a major thoroughfare in Wilmington.
    This street is a crowded and congested intersection. While trying to cross the street at this location, I have noticed that the traffic light does not last long enough to allow a pedestrian to cross without being forced to run. I find this situation to be very unsafe, as many patrons of the Health Department are elderly, disabled, or parents with children. As this is a significant public safety risk, I am proposing that a pedestrian Crosswalk be placed at the intersection of 17th Street and Hospital Place Drive/Savannah Court, to make it safer for people going to New Hanover Health Department via bus.
  • 501 N 3rd St Wilmington, NC 28401, USA - Wilmington
    The Streets of Historic Downtown Wilmington are certainly showing their age, especially on North 3rd Street, which many tourists have to travel to come to any of the festivals held near Downtown. At many places the streets are worn down to exposing the old brick streets, which is kind of neat, but horrible for the alignment jobs on our cars.
  • 700-798 U.S. 17 Business Wilmington, NC 28401, USA - Wilmington
    The straight lanes shift to the right when traveling South on 3rd st at Wooster. DOT put up useless signs showing the lanes go straight, not shifting. I've seen a number of people in the right lane drift over into the left lane when crossing Wooster.
  • 5224-5298 Clear Run Dr Wilmington, NC 28403, USA - Wilmington
  • 3910 Spicetree Drive Wilmington, NC 28412, USA - Wilmington
    As one is driving north on Carolina Beach Rd ( driving away from Monkey Junction), at the intersection of Carolina Beach Rd and Independence Blvd, there is no green ARROW for the left turn lane. So, when one reaches that intersection, in busy traffic, which is 95% of the time, with only having a solid green light in the left turn lane, only one car gets through the intersection with each light turn. This creates unbelievable congestion, with many cars waiting in line "for their turn," and impatient drivers run the red light in that left turn lane, due to this problem. The city needs to install a left turn ARROW in that intersection.
  • 301 305 State Road 1492 Wilmington, NC 28409, USA - Wilmington
    Every weekday morning between 7:30 and 8:00 cars cut through Jasper Lane by the fire station to avoid the stop sign at the Masonboro/Pine Grove Dr./ Masonboro Loop Rd. intersection. This causes extreme traffic delays at this intersection. A sign was posted but has not stopped the problem. If police officers would patrol this area and issue citations for this on a regular basis, I think it would stop the illegal activity occurring here.
  • 4039 Masonboro Loop Rd Wilmington, NC 28409, USA - Wilmington

    The newly opened Whiskey Creek Sports Bar at the corner of Masonboro Loop and Sound Rds is causing excessive noise in local neighborhood. Due to the new smoking ordinance, the bar customers tend to bring the bar noise out into the parking lot at various times during the evening. But worse than the loud voices, the bottle trash noise is the most annoying. Many times through the evening, large trash cans full of bottles and carried and dumped into the dumpster onsite. At closing time (2:00), this will happen several times and actually wake you from your sleep. This will happen again at around 6:30 in the morning as well, as employees empty the remaining cans. Worst of all is when the trash collection truck empties the dumpster (first thing in the morning).
    This situation has become unbearable and I hear bottles being dumped as I go to bed, during my sleep and first thing in the morning.

    There must be a way to handle this noise level.

  • 147 South College Road Suite 109 Wilmington NC 28403 - Wilmington
    Man from Kickbox fitness,147 South College Road
    Suite 109
    Wilmington, NC 28403
    Seen beating his dog in back of pickup truck 9/24/2010.
  • 110 Darby St Wilmington, NC 28409, USA - Wilmington
    Once again the city or county has stopped mowing the entrance to Darby St along Greenville Loop.The weeds continue to grow so high that you have pull so far out onto Greenville Loop to see that it will soon cause an accident. I see the workers often mowing the grass up and down Greenville Loop but they seem to stop when they reach Darby St. There is also limbs in the drainage ditch that have been there for 3 monthes. Each Friday I watch the city truck that picks up limbs come through the neighborhood but they never stop to pick them up.
  • 426 Clear Brook Dr Wilmington, NC 28409, USA - Wilmington
    this neighborhood is becoming a highway for speeders using this as a cut through for Greenville and Oleander Dr. There are many kids riding bikes on these curvy roads and speeding cars can't see them in time. We need more stop signs or speed bumps ASAP!!! My son went to the ER last week because he wrecked his bike trying to get out of the way of a speeding car!!!! What is it going to take?
  • Intersection Of Randall And New Centre - Wilmington
    It's nearly impossible to cross the street here without getting hit. There is a painted crosswalk, but a pedestrian crosswalk light would make it a lot safer. UNCW students and people who live in the apartments along Racine need to cross here to get to the grocery store, and it ought to be safer!
  • Harley Rd Wilmington, NC 28405, USA - Wilmington
    It's very dangerous driving down Harley Rd. Huge potholes are consistently created and filled in only to form again a few weeks later. It's scary driving the road when it rains, because you can't see them.The Coastal Beverage Co. drives their large trucks down the first stretch of Harley and more large vehicles are using it to access Stevenson Auto. I don't know if this can be fixed, but I'm tired of either going out of my way to reach Market from my home or dodging potholes that force me into the other lane. The first portion of Harley needs to be resurfaced. I haven't seen many roads as bad as it in this area of Wilmington.