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  • 5509-5511 Central Ave Richmond, CA 94804, USA - Richmond
    These lights do not allow for safe travel coming down the street to cross Central or to turn onto it. Drivers constantly ignore orange light and block entire intersection and pull through turning left across the light onto central almost hitting cars coming down the hill from San Luis st.
  • Marina Way S And Wright Ave Richmond, CA - Richmond
    The traffic signal at Marina Way S as it turns left onto Wright Ave does not pick up bicycles in any lane, heading northbound. The same thing applies to eastbound Wright Ave at this intersection, both for traffic heading straight and turning left. This street is part of the Bay Trail so it is very important that bicycles are accommodated.
  • Richmond Parkway At Lakeside Richmond, California - Richmond
    For the last year these pot holes have been growing. Between Blume and Lakeside, Northbound number 3 lane. The rains have opened them up even more. Please do something. 3rd world countries are starting to have smoother roads then here in the bay area.
  • 5625 Sacramento Ave Richmond, CA 94804, USA - Richmond
    Loose floorboard on one end of BART pedestrian walkway, between EC Plaza and N. Berkeley BART stations, closest to Plaza station
  • 200 Cutting Blvd Richmond, VA - Richmond
    Cust states street lights are out at 200 cutting blvd as well as the harbor street freeway exit. also every light from the freeway past second street and beond are out on cutting blvd from the freeway exit. pole #04010 & 04051 are 2 poles that are out
  • 3110 Bristol Court Richmond, CA - Richmond


    Please have a worker(s) come over to fix the huge pot holes that have developed on the street at the front of our house. It is starting to look dangerous and highly prone to erosion, especially when it will start to rain pretty soon. I don't have pictures to upload, but please send someone over quick to patch up the holes. Thank you. We are located at 3110 Bristol Court, Richmond, CA 94806.

  • 2343 Welcome Ave Richmond, CA 94804 - Richmond
    This street DESPERATELY needs repaving.
  • Mission Bell Dr San Pablo, CA 94806 - San Pablo
  • 663-673 30th St Richmond, CA 94804, USA - Richmond
    Broken curb/sidewalk
  • 701-703 Florida Ave Richmond, CA 94804, USA - Richmond
    Ongoing problem in this area make it a nightmare to find parking specially on Sundays for Church. There are multiple cars that are left on the same spot without moving for weeks! I've noticed plate swapping on some vehicles, cars that used to have plates one day do not the next day and vice-versa. Please help to keep this street from becomming a junkyard!
  • 310 19th St Richmond, CA 94801 - Richmond
  • 44th St Richmond, California - Richmond
    lots of trash being dumped on our street including used syrenges and other drug related items that not consistently being cleaned up by City cleaning crews, our street closest to the off ramp from the freeway by the bushes is disgusting with all sorts of garbage everywhere plus throw away stuff like old furniture eve old nmatresses . All of 44th St. and even under the freeway going under Barrett Ave right off San Pablo and on 44th St. all the way o the end of the street needs major cleaning.