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Rowan County Government, Gary Page, County Manager

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  • 1465 Julian Rd. Salisbury, NC 28144, USA - Continental US
    The dogs & cats are shut out all day, in the outside runs. It doesn't
    matter how hot, or cold, or what the weather is. Complaints have been made to the NC Dept. of Agric., but nothing is done. They claim the animals have shelter because a roof is over their head. They have nowhere to escape from the elements. I've seen excessive shivering, panting, and scratchng to get through the
    guillotine doors to the other side. Puppies, kittens, senior, sick, & owner surrender accustomed to being inside. The inspection in December claimed the animals are allowed access to outdoor runs from 11:00-16:00 hours, they are not allowed, they don't have a choice. On the other side of the guillotine doors, warmth in the winter and cool air in the summer, an escape from adverse weather conditions. The inspection also says the kennel floors have a radiant subfloor heating system. I took temperatures of the floor this past winter, it must not have been working. The temperatures are now in the high 90's, with high humidity. The animals show signs of distress. Their reason is for cleaning purposes. These animal are being forced to live under inhumane conditions, with the temperatures falling well below 50 degrees and well above 85. No resting surface or houses to escape. Please investigate for the animals. It's bad enough they probably want have another day to run or play. Let alone spending their last days in these conditions when all that has to be done is open the guillotine doors. Let the public view the animals from the inside runs, an improvement for both. Most shelter do it that way. The picture was taken on a
    cold windy day. You can see little puppies in the upper right corner huddled together to stay warm. Every day, it is the say way, no matter what the weather. This is nothing less than animal cruelty by the Rowan County Animal Control.
  • 4310 Reedy Fork Parkway Greensboro, North Carolina - Greensboro
    On Reedy Fork Pkwy going west between Sycamore and Bluestem
  • Cornwallis Cres burlington, on - Burlington
    saw a coyote running down the road looked like a healthy adult. there was machinery in the area at the time that was moving around and caller wondered if it startled the animal. Just entering a sighting NCFC
  • Groometown Road Greensboro, North Carolina - Guilford County
    There is a dead cat on Groomtown Road near Dollar General.
  • Dead Animal Pickup Acknowledged
    6078-6080 Gate City Blvd Greensboro, North Carolina - Guilford County
    Deer on ramp to 29 North from 150
  • Reedy Fork Pkwy Greensboro, NC 27405 - Greensboro
    Dead possum after clubhouse, going away from 29. On other side of median.