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  • 18th Oregon Philadelphia, PA - Girard Estates
    Lets make South Philadelphia a cleaner place to live and put a new big belly solar powered trash unit so we don't have dirty streets. With chaos on this corner it will be of great use. Please help
  • 18th Oregon Philadelphia, PA - Girard Estates
    big bellies are in south philly on broad and south street but where are they in our neighborhood ? lets get one
  • 18th And Oregon Philadelphia, PA - Girard Estates
    Please vote to have Big Bellie trash cans installed on 18th and Oregon to reduce the amount of trash in this area and make our neighborhood more beautiful and sustainable.
  • illegal Dumpster Acknowledged
    1612 Mckean Street Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood

    There is an illegal dumpster outside of Molly's Daycare. The property address is 1612 McKean Street, but the mess is on the side of the building on Bancroft Street.

    The is a business but they make the city pick up their trash instead of hiring private trash removal.

    This garbage sits there all week in this heat and reeks to high heaven.

    Please help!

  • 2127 S Mole St Philadelphia, PA 19145, USA - Girard Estates
    Street is dangerously unplowed/ badly in need of salt. Handicapped person lives on street with handicapped parking spot. I watched 5 cars get stuck on the street, and 1 person hit a snow bank in the middle of the street and lose his muffler.
  • 18th And Oregon Philadelphia, PA - Girard Estates
    Big Belly trash units could be great for this area because of all the chaos and people. Help Philadelphia go green!
  • Vehicle Idling Acknowledged
    2014 S Garnet St Philadelphia, PA 19145 - Girard Estates
    dark blue monte carlo that owner idles/revs engine multiple times a day. he lets it run from anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour.
    he has been doing this everyday for over 2 months. i don't think the car is even registered.
    i am so glad i just heard about this program!
  • Bar open late Archived
    2001 S. 16 St. Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood
    This bar is open until beyond midnight with music blasting. I can even heard the music about half way off the block. This is very disturbing the neighborhood.
  • 2137 S 17th St Philadelphia, PA 19145, USA - Girard Estates
    A plethora of illegal cigarette signs contributing to neighborhood blight.
  • 1912 W Passyunk Ave Philadelphia, PA - Girard Estates
    The tree is overgrown, causing the sidewalk to heave and crack. The brick staircase is crumbling. There are piles of trash accumulating around the staircase and the area always smells like feces and urine. I think the property is vacant and is owned by an absentee
  • 2000 South Bancroft Street Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood

    We have had permit parking up our street for a months now.

    However we still have people putting cones out to "save their spot", and they don't even live here!

    Some cars have been park here for months without moving and they don't have a permit sticker.

    We need someone to come around and start writing tickets. Maybe even tow some of the cars if possible.

  • 1940 S. 17th St. Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood
    This palette of 40+ bags of cement has been left outside for several months (through Hurricane Irene) and has not moved since. The cement is hard now and just sits in front of the property at 1940 S. 17th St. In the photo you can see the cement is ripped open, hard and people have discarding their trash in the cement pile (water bottle pictured left).