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  • 435-575 N Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA - Northern Liberties
    The bike lane on Delaware Avenue has disappeared due to neglect by the City. Then the Spring Garden intersection was resurfaced and the northbound bike lane was completely removed. North of Spring Garden you can see it again.
  • Road Rage Acknowledged
    152-246 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Riverfront
    Yesterday I was run over by a car while I was pedaling in the bike lane. It was an employee of the Hyatt Hotel. She slowly pulled into the bike lane forcing me onto the sidewalk. It was a green minivan PA License HMY1849.
  • Chestnut Street Ramp Philadelphia, PA - Riverfront
    Around noon. Philadelphia Trolly Works buses idleing, sometimes one, sometimes three buses at a time. At the top of the Chestnut Street ramp, above Columbus Blvd
  • 325 N Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA - Old City
    The bike lane paint on Columbus between Race and Spring Garden is not consistent and has completely faded in some points. It is important for cars to realize there is a bike lane here especially with so many cars traveling at such high speeds.
  • 2-22 Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Riverfront
    There is a large pothole, with a piece of metal sticking up out of it, along the train tracks in the intersection of Columbus Blvd and Washington Ave. It did $250 worth of damage to my car as I was turning left from Columbus onto Washington with a bag of tile mortar from Lowes in the trunk. I assume the piece of metal that's sticking up may have hit the underside of my vehicle as I drove through the pothole, although there are plenty of other ways that pothole could have done the damage. The pothole is basically positions right where cars would naturally drive while making that left turn. You have to do either an extra wide or extra tight turn to avoid it.
  • S Christopher Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA - Riverfront
    All of the signals on this section of Columbus Blvd need to be synchronized. The massive backups that occur here are solely due to poor signal timing.
  • 17-39 Washington Ave Philadelphia, PA - Riverfront

    Turning right onto Columbus Blvd from Washington Ave, there's a right-hand cutout just before the intersection.

    Something about the timing of the lights, the shallow angle of the cutout compared to the road, or just the width of Washington Ave, seems to encourage cars to speed through this cutout at dangerous speeds.

    There's a pedestrian crosswalk across this intersection, but I have personally been nearly run over several times while walking or jogging.

    This is a vital access point for the Delaware River Trail and Washington Avenue Green. If the city is serious about walkability and greening up its waterfronts, then they need to rethink this whole intersection.

    Until that happens, I'd be happy with one of those yellow pedestrian/crosswalk warning signs, or better a yield to pedestrian sign at this crosswalk.

  • 2-48 Fairmount Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19123, USA - Northern Liberties
    The 100 block of Fairmount is a disgrace to the city.
  • 99 Christian St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Queen Village
    Big pothole on Christian St under the 95 overpass, near Front St.
  • N Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA - Northern Liberties
    our neighborhood hosted a tour which gathered across the street from this greyhound bus depot, the entire 5 hours buses were idling. THis was 710 N. Delaware Ave, right across the street form waterfront square and yard brewery.
  • Delaware Expy Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Queen Village
    Trucks cutting across into the left lane to exit on 676 create a major bottleneck. Signage should make it clear that the second-from-left lane goes to 676 as well as the left lane.
  • 10 Catharine St Philadelphia, PA 19147, USA - Queen Village