Nashville District 18

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Nashville District 18

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  • 1900 Belmont Blvd Nashville, TN - Belmont-Hillsboro
    Many students cross the street in the middle of the curve rather than walk to either of the two crosswalks due to their inconvenient locations (they add unnecessary backtracking). I suggest placing a cross walk from the Curb Event center directly across Belmont Blvd to the sidewalk in front of Circle K.
    This would cut down on the danger of pedestrians crossing outside the crosswalk. In most situations, crosswalks should be placed where people are actually walking, not where we want them to walk. This, I believe, is one of those situations.
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  • 3026 Brightwood Avenue Nashville, TN - Belmont-Hillsboro

    We are seeking sidewalks/traffic calming measures on Brightwood Avenue between Stokes Lane and Rosewood Avenue.

    This strip of road is consistently used as a cut-through to/from 1-440
    (at Hillsboro), Hillsboro Pike, and to/from Belmont Avenue. The
    traffic is very heavy in the mornings (with Christ the King School
    drop-off and morning rush hour) and also in the evenings (CTK pick-up,
    rush hour, people looking to get to I-440 from Belmont Blvd, etc.).
    As cars park on both sides of the street, there is little space on the
    road to to be shared with moving vehicles and pedestrians. Often cars speed down this street, putting pedestrians at further risk.

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  • 2815 Belmont Blvd nashville, TN - Belmont-Hillsboro
    2 abandoned trucks on corner of belmont & cedar(west) for 2 months
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  • 2260 Belmont Blvd Nashville-Davidson metropolitan government (balance), TN - Belmont-Hillsboro
    People are driving at dangerously fast speeds on Belmont Blvd, far exceeding the posted 35 mph speed limit. Many neighbors have been hurt by speeding drivers. Please enforce the 35 mph speed limit and consider physical speed limiters such as bumps. Thank you!
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  • Dallas Ave Nashville, TN 37219, USA - Belmont-Hillsboro
    The view of oncoming traffic is being blocked by vehicles parked in front of the businesses at the end of Dallas Ave. The parking spots are parallel to Dallas ave, and are marked with a sign that warns "compact only" however the parking spots are almost always occupied with large vehicles, blocking the view of a driver turning from Dallas onto Belmont ave.
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  • 2101-2119 Blair Blvd Nashville, TN 37212, USA - Hillsboro West End
    When driving from Belmont towards Harris Teeter, there are two overhead stoplights at 21st. The one on the right works for its green and yellow lights, but its red light is out.
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  • Belmont Blvd & Rosewood Ave - Belmont-Hillsboro
    There is no speed limit posted for a one-mile-long stretch of Belmont Blvd between Compton Ave and Gale Ln. 35-mph signs at the ends of this piece of road, but in between them many drivers seem unsure of how fast they should drive. Perhaps additional signage would help.
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  • 1813 Cedar Lane nashville, TN - Belmont-Hillsboro
    Over grown yard, house in serious disrepair including hole in roof, derelict car in back yard with tree growing through the car.
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  • 1501 Ashwood Avenue Nashville, Tennessee - Belmont-Hillsboro
    Going into Ashwood from Belmont, the stop sign (I am 99% sure that it's the intersection on 15th) is hidden beneath branches.
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  • 1901 18th Ave S Nashville, TN 37212, USA - Belmont-Hillsboro
    The red light at the intersection of 18th Ave S and Magnolia is excessively long (>4 minutes) for traffic coming from 18th Avenue S onto Magnolia Blvd. Additionally, the pedestrian crosswalk buttons do not respond, requiring a very long wait to cross Magnolia.
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  • 2815-2899 Belmont Blvd Nashville, TN 37212, USA - Belmont-Hillsboro
    The center pedestrian crosswalk sign at belmont & cedar lane has been knocked down and is lying in the street.
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  • Ashwood Ave Nashville, TN - Belmont-Hillsboro
    The street light on Ashwood closest to Belmont Blvd is out. The area is very dark and lots of pedestrians use that area. It is difficult to see if anyone is on the street when turning onto Ashwood from Belmont.
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