Town of Sexsmith and County of Grande Prairie No. 1

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  • 73408 73414 Range Road 161 Sexsmith, AB - Sexsmith

    I live in the area and have noticed that a significant number of people tend to 'speed' as they travel along this segment of RR 161. I notice higher volumes of speeders at key times during the day including the key commuting times (6am to 9am, 11am to 1pm, 3pm to 7pm) Mondays thru Saturdays and sporadically at other times throughout the day and night. I also notice that the there are chronic or repetitive speeders who use this road and/or likely live nearby.

    This trend of increased speeding along this roadway is worrisome because it affects quality of life of homeowners living alongside RR 161 and presents a risk to children and families who frequently walk, jog, and bike on RR 161.

  • 73408 73414 Range Road 161 Sexsmith, AB - Sexsmith
    I live in the area and notice an uptrend in the number of vehicles using this road throughout the day and week. I have also noticed an uptrend in the number of vehicles that travel at speeds greater than the posted speed limit.
  • West Side Dr/97th Ave -108th Street (Highway 40) Grande Prairie, Alberta - Sexsmith
    On Dec 4th,2013 I was happy to see that the left hand turning lane(south on 108/40)FINALLY had an advance arrow to turn into Westside Dr(east).
    Now why is it NOT working?
    Traffic heading north on 40 have an advance arrow to turn onto if this is a provincial issue was half done.....
    Please address this, as the backup of traffic during rush hour could be moderately addressed if the flow of traffic was given a chance to proceed through intersections instead of just clearing them when the lights turn yellow or red.
  • 10029 100 St Sexsmith , Alberta - Sexsmith
    The potholes at the intersection by Tony Roma's are so bad they could potentially severely damage a smaller vehicle. They need to be fixed immediately. It's impossible to do the speed limit along this section without maybe screwing up your suspension.