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  • Road Repair Archived
    162nd Between Glisan & Burnside Portland, OR - Gresham
    Badly rutted road, lots of pot holes
  • E Powell Blvd Gresham, OR - Gresham
    Kids that want to ride their BMX bikes at the Gresham Skate Park are holding a protest and gathering signatures to be allowed to ride in the skate park. They want the mayor to stop the police from pushing them out of the park.
  • 3204 3298 Se 5th St Gresham, OR - Gresham
    Many people cross at this location and a crosswalk is warranted. Drivers also need to follow the law regarding intersections being crosswalks whether marked or not. Please stop and let pedestrians cross!
  • 2800 Se 1st Street Gresham, OR - Gresham
    Drivers cannot see exiting the apartment complex. Traffic headed eastbound is not visible due to overgrown rose bush.
  • 257th Drive/ Orient Dr And 11th Street - Gresham
    Try turning left at this light and you will be waiting 2-4 min. Very delayed.
  • U.S. 30 Bypass Portland, OR - Gresham
    The light controlling traffic going West and East on US 30 Bypass is extremely short even when there's a line of vehicles. If you are too far back, your light will change to yellow before you even move.
  • Salish Ponds Park Gresham OR 97024, United States - Fairview
    Multiple cars parked in "no parking" zone
  • 162nd And Glisen Portland, OR - Gresham
    there is a very large water pool around 15-20 feet wide, and around 2 feet deep, very dangerous for cars, and pedestrians can't get accross
  • 50 Ne Division St Gresham, OR - Gresham
    Need to add a turn signal with yeild. With schools in its really hard to turn. Maybe 1 car gets through.
  • 2445 15th St. Nw Washington, D.C. - Gresham
    The sign on the Southwest Freeway is crystal clear: If you want to take Exit 6 to the U.S. Capitol get in the second lane from the left. There's only one little problem: If you actually want to take this exit you need to be in the second lane from the RIGHT and you need to get there fast.
  • 2900 Block Ne 181st Portland, OR - Gresham
    Try turning West at this signal and it will take you a good 5 minutes before the light changes.
  • 520 Ne 167th Pl Portland, Oregon - Gresham
    Street light burned out since last wind storm--this has become a safety issue, I have requested a number of times that this light be replaced the last 3a months and still no light. Please help