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  • 6299 Flemings Lake Rd Village of Clarkston, MI 48346, USA - Oakland County
    The left turn lane from westbound Clarkston Road onto Flemings Lake is dangerously long during the morning high school rush. Drivers are forced to make turns after the light has changed due to no left turn arrow. The traffic causes backups on Clarkston Road and unsafe conditions on a main through-way in the community. There have been several complaints this year.
  • 2600-3250 Michigan 59 Auburn Hills, MI 48326, USA - Auburn Hills
    It is almost deadly sometimes how the entrance ramps and exts for I75 and M59 are set up. Potential fatal accidents waiting to happen
  • Josephine And Huron/M59 - Waterford
    The first entrance/exit for Huron Foods right after the light at Josephine, people come to a near stop when pulling in. I almost rear-ended a person due to 2 cars in front of me came to a stop to pull into Huron Foods. I have seen others have to stop hard there because of someone pulling in to Huron Foods
  • 5359-5373 Williams Lake Rd Waterford, MI 48329, USA - Waterford
    With each downfall, Williams Lake Road, just west of Dixie Hwy. floods. There must be more that the county can do besides leaving a 'water over road' sign at the site year round....Thank you,
  • 1430 Joslyn Road Pontiac Mi 48340 - Pontiac
    A couple of white males with cardboard signs are begging for money and actually trying to intimidate motorist while they are stopped at the traffic light. Our city of Pontiac has a bad enough reputation let alone having able bodied grown men beg for money instead of working. Throw these bums in jail, they are giving our city a black eye.
  • 3395 Watkins Lake Road Waterford, MI - Waterford

    I live in this are and there are signs posted on DEYHILL, ORCHID, and COVERT that state there are NO u-turns, DO NOT ENTER Covert from Watkins Lake Road, and no left turn off of Deyhill or Orchid/no right turn onto Deyhill and Orchid from Watkins Lake Road.

    I personally witness dozens and dozens of cars doing this daily. I understand the police don't have the resources to sit on Watkins Lake Road all day and write tickets, but people are taking advantage of this and it needs to stop. We have seen a Waterford PD officer on occasion, and he never sits for more than 4 minutes before pulling someone over.

  • 2331 Oakdale Dr Waterford, MI 48329, USA - Waterford
    Waterford School District buses loaded with students coming from Cooley Elementary running the stop sign at Edmore and Oakdale rds
  • 5041-5145 Hatchery Rd Waterford, MI 48327, USA - Waterford

    Every morning there are several parents that, after dropping their kids off, go out onto Hatchery via the exit from the lot (instead of from civic drive where the light is) completly ignoring the right turn only sign and backing up morning traffic trying to get out of there because the rest of the parents have to wait for all of the folks turning in from the turn lane on Hatchery before those ignoring the sign can go.

    If Waterford Police would post someone near there on random mornings (like on bender where they could see and nail easily) they would a) create much needed revenue for the township with tickets and b) make mornings much easier for the parents that follow the law. What kind of message are these people sending to the kids by ignoring the sign anyway??

    If they want to make a left, they only need to drive a tad bit further down the lot and go out with the light like they are supposed to!

  • 2200-2298 Summit Dr Waterford, MI 48328, USA - Waterford
    I have grown up in this area, I was around when Summit Place Mall was thriving and full of stores and traffic. Not long ago a stop sign appears for both directions on Summit Drive near the "Target" store, Now let me ask all of you who travel this road regularly, Why was this sign put up long after the mall became 99% vacant? The only reason I can see is so the Police who sit in the mall's empty lot can pull people over vehicles that disregard that sign or simply don't see it (I ran it on a daily basis for 2 weeks when it went up, it was in such an odd spot I'd forget about it). Now, I'm not some person who is angry I got pulled over due to that sign, fact is I have NEVER been pulled over because of this sign but I feel sorry for those that have, the sign just has no REAL reason to be there, I have never seen a safety issue in that spot. That sign should be taken down.
  • 4468 Rolling Pine Drive West Bloomfield, MI 48323 - US Congressional District MI11
    The railroad tracks on both north and south bound are horrible. Only the left lanes are respectable to cross. I sustained a damaged tire which cost me $400 to replace. The tracks have sunken leaving a significant concrete lip that rattles your car.
  • Martin L. King Blvd MI - Pontiac
  • 6490 S Rochester Rd Rochester Hills, MI 48306, USA - Rochester Hills
    The RCOC has the timing on this light so that drivers have NO idea when to turn. I've seen people turn left on bold reds because that's how they used to use the light. Yesterday (Jan 17) I was the third car of a long line of left turners and the light turned red before the SECOND car could go - and he went anyway. This is going to cause a MAJOR accident. They need to set the timing on the light and leave it that way - not change it all day long.