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  • 3061 Alamo Drive Vacaville, California - Vacaville
    When leaving the Raley's parking lot...facing Fairview make a left turn onto Nut Tree Road, the tree trunks are leaning in such a way that it impedes drivers view of traffic.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower Highway Vacaville, California - Vacaville
    All of the street lights on the Peabody/Emira exit ramp from I-80 Eastbound are out.
  • 718-724 Cannon Station Court Vacaville, CA 95688, USA - Vacaville
    Most people on the court have their garbage cans in view from the street all week long.
  • 2300-2310 Nut Tree Road Vacaville, CA 95687, USA - Vacaville
    Street sign for street name is hardly readable, (Marshal St.) Photo taken heading northbound on Nut Tree Road.
  • 122 Sunset Ln Vacaville, California - Vacaville
    I been living here for 18 years this parking lot is for visitors parking.So my neighbor left a note on my car saying that the manager gave him the whole parking so don't park there no more & he has a bus park there that don't work or run for 3years now the manger know about it she doesn't say anything about it because there kissass to the manger but if it was some one else it would been tow away a long time ago
  • 530 Fruitvale Rd Vacaville, California - Vacaville
    Nighttime entry of two vehicles. Items taken. One item from one vehicle found in another vehicle.
  • 1500-1682 East Monte Vista Avenue Vacaville, CA 95688, USA - Vacaville
    The bike lane that used to be in this very busy area on Monte Vista is worn away and gone. Please restripe. The area is from the Chevron to Buffalo Wild Wings going East.
  • Meadowlark And Eagle Ln Vacaville, California - Vacaville
    The streetlight C767 is out for the intersection on Meadowlark and Eagle ln
  • 530 Fruitvale Rd Vacaville, California - Vacaville
    Street light needs replaced. Blinks off for long periods of time. Dark intersection.
  • 1 Travis Way Vacaville, California - Vacaville
    4 abandoned shopping carts at the dead end of Travis Way (near entrance to Travis Credit Union Corporate building.)
  • 777-779 E Monte Vista Ave Vacaville, CA 95688, USA - Vacaville
    The stop sign is faded and badly defaced at the south-facing exit of the Lucky shopping center.
  • 148 Valley Drive Vacaville, CA 95688, USA - Vacaville
    Street light is out on chaparral loop. Light is located near 537 chaparral loop.