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  • 511 Alton Rd Miami Beach, FL 33139 - Miami Beach

    Dear neighbor and friend,

    Years ago, despite resident’s opposition at City Hall to allow developers to built BIG-BOX shopping centers, one was approved by our city to be built in our beautiful historical district. Out taxes were used to fund the massive open garage, including removal of 70 of our most needed street residential parking spaces. The fact is that it is too late to fight its development; however, we residents have the power to control how this mammoth building can affect our senses, in particular sight.

    • Uncovered garage openings between floors are allowing too much GLARE from the interior fluorescent lighting casting shadows in neighboring homes and more than 6000 watts ultra bright metal halide roof lights. All parking garages in our city have installed louvers or screens to avoid light spillage over residential neighbors, in particular when operated 24 hours a day.
    • We also want our parking spaces back!

    But despite complaints to our City administrators, nothing is being done by the developer to protect our rights. The least this developer can do is to work with our community by installing louvers in the garage openings and implement roof light barriers as it was required on many area buildings.

    Please, I am asking for your kind support in this instance by doing one or more of the following:

    1. Send a note to our city mayor and commissioners and file a complaint about the annoying glare.
    Write to: Or Call: (305) 673-7030
    City of Miami Beach Mayor’s Office
    1700 Convention Drive, 3rd floor
    Miami beach Fl 33139

    2. E-mail a note to our city Mayor and commissioners to file a complaint about the brightness and our parking space depravation.

  • 8701 Collins Ave Miami Beach FL 33141 United States - Miami Beach
    Code violations, improper disposal of construction material, polluting the street and the beach
  • dirty beaches Archived
    Miami Beach Dr Miami Beach, FL 00 - Miami Beach
    beach is very dirty..
    garbage beach
  • Nw Corner 9 Street And Michigan Avenue Miami Beach, FL - Miami Beach
    This mailbox was recently relocted from the adjacent swale area to the sidewalk leaving inadequate sidewalk width, and violates ADA requirements for a minimum path of 42"
  • 7635-7699 Byron Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33141, USA - Miami Beach
    Neighbors please don't take your dogs to poop to other neighbor's house, today I stepped on poop coming home carrying my two kids on my arms sleeping and I brought it on my shoes and into my house!!! Not fair!!! Have them poop in your house!!
  • Grand Beach Hotel - Miami Beach
    This is how the grand beach hotel cleans up there beach chair are at he end of the day. Staff and manager informed me that it's not their job to take the trash off the beach just place it in the garbage can
  • Grand Beach Hotel - Miami Beach
    Just a quiet weekday at the grand beach hotels chair set up.
  • West Avenue Miami Beach, FL - Miami Beach
    The city should install mini stop sign cones that are implanted into the pavement at cross walks that note that pedestrians have right of way when they are in a designated cross walk. Florida law requires drivers to yield when a pedestrian is in a designated cross walk. There are several cross walks on West Avenue and drivers never yield to pedestrians.
  • 1001 Ocean Dr Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA - Miami Beach
    Vehicles frequently exit west from the driveway north of and adjacent to 1001 Ocean Drive, crossing the sidewalk without stopping for pedestrians moving north and south.
  • 1800 Michigan Ave. Apt.4 miami beach, 33139, FL - Miami Beach
    broken street light between michigan and lenox
  • Grand Beach Hotel - Miami Beach
    Grand beach hotel open containers on the beach garbage everywhere dozens and dozens of straws
  • Grand Beach Hotel - Miami Beach
    Grand Beach hotel sells alcohol on the beach. It is served to people using beach chairs