Cleveland Springs

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  • Huge Pothole Archived
    142 South Ridge Drive Garner, North Carolina - Johnston County
    Huge Pothole just east of Emily Court on South Ridge Drive, Garner 27529
  • James E Harrington Fwy Garner, NC - Wake County
    There is not enogh lanes here everyday traffic gets worse it backs up for miles going in to raliegh in the morning and going into johnston co in the eveing
  • 5415-5523 N Carolina 42 Garner, NC - Johnston County
    Light cycle has been horrible for years. The right of way for Hwy 42 is red too long and green too little. Light seems to exist only to let people in and out of McDonalds and stays green for cross traffic far too long - change in cycle is required, but ideally the light would be removed along with access to Hwy 42 (at least on the McDonalds side) and possibly relocate the light to Technology Dr appx. 100 yards SW on Hwy 42.
  • Glen Rd. And Nc 42 johnston, NC - Johnston County
    The left turn arrow from NC 42 eastbound onto Glen Rd. (towards the McDonald's & Food Lion) never turns green, only flashing yellow. This means left turn traffic always has to fight through westbound traffic already on 42 plus that which is coming off I-40. This is extremely dangerous.
  • South Ridge Drive Johnston, NC - Johnston County
    This road is in terrible shape with lots of potholes and rough bumps in the pavement. The minute you pull into the South Ridge SUBD, you start to see the damage
  • Whispering Pines Dr Clayton, NC - Johnston County
    There is a large (and growing) pothole in the in-bound travel lane of Whispering Pines Drive near 2109. Thank you!
  • 100 Todd Place Garner, NC - Johnston County

    Update - some areas were patched on Zachary Way. Todd Place has a large area that is gatoring and starting to break up into small pieces. More paving and larger patches necessary.

    Keri Dr, Zachary Way Todd Place - all streets in South Hills Subdivison are full of pot holes, asphalt is "gatoring" and cracking into pieces. These have not been repaved in the 10 years that I have lived there. Surely we have paid enough taxes to cover this by now.

  • 309 Zachary Way Garner, NC - Johnston County
    Since 9am this morning, gas or burning rubber smell most concentrated on 42 (between Cornwallis and Walmart or exit 312 on Rt.40). Has since migrated towards area of my home just off Cornwallis around 4pm.
  • Nc Hwy 42 @ I-40 Cleveland, NC - Johnston County
    The traffic light configuration on NC Hwy 42 East @ Glen Road in the left hand turn lane is extremely dangerous. I see very close calls on an almost daily basis. There is never a just--green turn light and when eastbound straight-through traffic lights go red many drivers believe the westbound lights have gone red too and try to make the left turn almost hitting westbound traffic. The entire interchange around I-40/42 is a poorly designed traffic signal system and causes accidents, close calls and unnecessarily delayed traffic.
  • 1-63 Son-Lan Pkwy Garner, NC - Johnston County
    Massive street-wide pothole on Son-Lan right at Hwy 42. Has been there for at least 10 years.
  • 1019 East Justin Drive garner nc, North Carolina - Johnston County
    Street light out on corner of East Justin and Goldfield Drive
  • 5400-5412 Highway 42 Garner, North Carolina - Johnston County
    The stoplight at the intersection of Glen Road and N. C. hwy. 42 (at McDonald's restaurant) will not change back to green for a motorcycle.