Franklin and New Garden Townships

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  • 203 Pennsylvania 841 West Grove, PA 19390, USA - West Grove
    Need a left turn arrow at the intersection of Rte 841 and Evergreen Street.
  • 16-98 W State St Avondale, PA 19311, USA - Avondale
    The timing needs to be fixed to give Rt 41 more time. Currently traffic backs up both directions from the light, frequently for at least a mile in each direction!
  • State Road Between Guernsey And 841. - Chester County
    Bad curves on State Road with people coming around curves constantly over the double yellow line. At the very least, some rumble grooves cut into the center yellow line would help.
  • 300-398 Prospect Ave West Grove, PA 19390, USA - West Grove
    Prospect Ave. From Evergreen to State is extremely bumpy and jarring. Now there are 2 large squares of pavement cut out, I'm lucky to not lose a tire every time I drive over them. Street is in dire need of repaving!!
  • 801-899 Penn Green Rd Landenberg, PA 19350, USA - Chester County
    There is a horrible stench in the air around here.
  • odor alert-in the past five years the odor from the nutrisoil facility has gotten increasingly worse in the one believes me when i say we have compost fog
  • Traffic Light Archived
    741-799 Newark Rd Toughkenamon, PA 19374, USA - Chester County
    Light at the intersection of Newark rd. and Rt. 41 is way to short. I was the only car yesterday when it went from green to yellow and red so fast that I barely had enough time to excellerate through the intersection from a dead stop.
  • Route 1 Bypass - Chester County
    Pass in the left lane, PA State Law - do not ride in left lane unless you are passing
  • 1500-1598 Baltimore Pike Avondale, PA 19311, USA - Toughkenamon
    A turn lane from Newark Rd south for turning onto Balto. Pike is needed!
  • Evergreen & Prospect Aves - West Grove
    The light to let traffic from Pyle's Alley onto Evergreen used be triggered by a waiting car. Now the light cycles to give the Alley a green light even though few cars ever come out there. Please turn the traffic sensor back on.
  • 323-363 Schoolhouse Rd Avondale, PA 19311, USA - Chester County
    Going in the directions towards Avondale road there are huge potholes on the right side of the road. They are deep enough to tear up your tires and hard to navigate around when vehicles are coming from the opposite direction.
  • State Rd And Lamborn Ridge Rd. - Chester County
    School bus stop sits at the crest of a hill beyond a blind curve. Lots of kids crossing the street and/or waiting at both corners. Some sort of adequate warning required to at least slow traffic down. Rumble strips? Flashing warning signs for the bus stop?