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Oakland County / Ferndale, Michigan

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  • Myra Avenue Pontiac, Michigan - Pontiac

    Please reference the archived issue #246959 at http://seeclickfix.com/issues/246959-loud-intrusive-low-frequency-noise

    Loud, Intrusive Low Frequency Noise causes ear pain, sleep loss; obvious vibrations and amplification in buildings. Can last hours, even in the dead of night (2-5am). Sometimes can be heard around the clock, almost 24/7 recently.

    I closed a similar issue in May of 2013 as the noise had subsided. It has returned and been going strong throughout October and now into November. Right now it is intense, waking me up at about 8:20am, loud enough to hurt my eardrums, and was present 5 hours earlier as well.

    Others in the area have commented on sore eardrums and headaches as though they have been at a loud concert on and off but are unable to hear the noise directly.

    Again, the length and persistence of the noise make it seem like it is from a source other than an idling truck. Traffic noise does not explain it considering it has been absent for long stretches when traffic would be high, or in case of the having to reopen this issue, months. Also it can be heard in the dead hours of Sunday and Monday at 3-5am when traffic is sparse or nil in the area. If area acoustics are amplifying something I am unsure what.

    I have not found an effective way to block it. Using white noise does not stop it, music or appliances turning on only masks it audibly; the vibration in the building, felt in the head and the soreness of the eardrums persists.

    I'm at a loss here... Was really hoping it was gone for good. No such luck.

  • The New Hamlinlivernois Roundabout O Rochester hills, Mi - Rochester Hills
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  • 1255 Joslyn Rd. orion oaks elementary, Lake Orion, Michigan - Oakland County
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  • Corner Of Browin And Giddings Oakland county, MI - US Congressional District MI9
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  • 2081 Woodward Heights Ferndale MI 48220 - Ferndale

    Viewed over 500 times on SeeClickFix.com. / NOTHING DONE !
    Staked Survey Needed for NEW Gas Meter on UN-SURVEYED LAND.
    This is a Building and Code Violation that Ferndale, Michigan CREATED.
    Send out Building Safety and Code Department as Mayor Covey suggested Marsha Scheers (notified- MONTHS AGO).

    If my house caught on fire ---because of a gas meter inches off my driveway ... is FERNDALE paying for INSURANCE on UN-SURVEYED LAND ?!
    My property is LESS than 40 foot. Another Insurance Violation.

  • 2081 Woodward Heights Ferndale, MI - Ferndale

    move gas meter / un-surveyed land

    Ferndale needs to FIX their SeeClickFix reports.

  • I-696wb Between Woodward And Southfield southfield, mi - Southfield
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  • 148 Walton pontiac, mi - Pontiac
    There is a mancover that is already an issue on top of that a huge pothole. I believe this is oakland county road commisions issue. Please repair.
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  • Spring Lake Drove Clarkston, Michigan - Oakland County
    Kids are going to break an ankle on this broken cement
    It's very broken with many large pot holes
    Bad for joggers bikers skateboarding etc
  • 91 Illinois Ave Pontiac, Mi - Pontiac
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  • Baldwin And Kennett Pontiac, Mi - Pontiac

    The left turn light when turning from northbound Baldwin onto westbound Kennett is malfunctioning. When the northbound light is green, the left turn light is off. When the left turn light is supposed to be a green arrow, the arrow turns solid red. This light needs to be fixed before someone gets hurt or killed.

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  • 56028-56036 Grand River Avenue Lyon charter Township, Michigan - US Congressional District MI11

    There are about 5 street lights along Grand River between Milford and Lyon Center Drive West. It is a very dark stretch of road and we are seeing increased foot traffic in the area. We have also had two accidents in less than 30 days at the roundabout located at Grand River and Lyon Ctr Dr West. A streetlight is out at this location.

    Also, the map provided for SeeClickFix appears to be outdated. Lyon Center Drive West, a road in our downtown that has a daily traffic count of 7,000+ cars is missing on this google map. This road was constructed over five years ago