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Ferndale, City Clerk, Oakland County

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  • 2025-2151 U.S. 24 Business Waterford, MI 48328, USA - Waterford
    for year's now the traffic light at Dixie Hwy and Kennett in the left turn lane going up kennett, needs to be BLINKING RED to allow traffic to turn when there is NO on coming traffic,.there must be a way to make this happen, We are wasting gas,time and that in turn is money. Please see if this can be corrected,I know i am not the only person who for YEARS now has sat and waited on this light and being first in line can seem like a long time when traffic is backed up.
  • 9700-9720 Dixie Hwy Village of Clarkston, MI 48348, USA - Oakland County
    A lot of vehicles leaving out of the Kroger's parking lot as well as their gas station have to exit here, while the busy road of Dixie Hwy have vehicles pulling in constantly as vehicles are lined up trying to pull out. There is a turning lane on Dixie Hwy to pull in if you are going NW, but the main concern here is not only the frustrated drivers lined up to pull out, its vehicles that are driving SE on this road don't see the vehicles pulling out. This is due to the vehicles in the turning lane that make a right into the parking lot, block the view of vehicles that are pulling out at the same time. There has been several accidents here including sideswipes, T-boning, rear ending and many more!!!
  • 22950-22998 N Chrysler Dr Hazel Park, MI 48030, USA - Hazel Park
    The two lights at Stephenson Hwy at John R and Stepenson Hw at Nine Mile need to be coordinated so that cars on Stephenson Hwy do not need to stop at both lights. This is a slowdown and chokepoint for traffice that does not need to be there. This is a problem for me every single morning, wasting gallons and gallons of gas for no good reason.
  • 1435-1589 W Auburn Rd Rochester Hills, MI 48309, USA - Rochester Hills
    The traffic light for Avondale Middle School does not need to be operational until 10pm. It should switch to a blinking yellow no later than 7pm and not at all on the weekend. Tired of stopping here wasting gas!
  • Dixie Highway And Big Lake Rd. Waterford, MI - Waterford
    Well there it is somebody DIED here today! Running the @#$% yellow/red and punched it right into the path of a Waterford school bus!! Shaving off a few minutes of waiting time at the light ended that persons LIFE!! Had an ARROW been installed the bus wouldn't have been having to turn left on a yellow?red and the person that punched the gas to run the light may have made it through without their stupidity killing them!!!! PUT IN A LEFT TURN LIGHT BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE DIES!!!!!!
  • 231 Starr Ave Pontiac, MI 48341, USA - Pontiac
    On the monthly City of Pontiac Water Bill their is a double dip Electronic Meter charge for a single reading by the drive-by Meter Reader for both Water and Sewer since Electronic Meter installed.Remove one of the charges!
  • M-15 & Bluegrass - Independence Township - Oakland County
    Highly traveled intersection with frequent accidents. Hard to exit onto M-15 northbound with timing of lights at I-75/M-15, gas station entrance/exit, and retail center directly across from Bluegrass.
  • Clinton River Shore Rd Pontiac, MI - Sylvan Lake
    many walking people attempt to cross telegraph to the gas station or smoke store & cant walk quickly. drivers do not slow down. there needs to be a light or crosswalk. extremely dangerous anytime but especially at night or with deteriorating conditions
  • 2-98 Waldo St Pontiac, MI 48341, USA - Pontiac
    I can't drive down M-59 between Telegraph and Woodward without wasting a gallon of gas stopping at every red light. Fix the timing of the lights so I don't stop every 500ft. or replace the lights at small intersections with flashing yellow.
  • 2081 Woodward Heights Ferndale Michigan 48220 - Ferndale
    After endless requests to the City of Ferndale...Mayor was notified.
    This is a Safety and Building Issue that Ferndale refuses to look into.
    City of Ferndale fraudulently gave 2097 a document that denies a STAKED SURVEY of this property until 2015.
  • 6490 Highland Rd White Lake, MI 48383, USA - White Lake
    Even though there is an obvious entrance along M59, people turn right onto Bogie Lake then attempt a left turn into the Shell gas station. Or people leave the Meijer's and then turn into the gas station to avoid using the Michigan left that is along M59. A simple solution would be to make the gas station entrance closed to left turns from Bogie Lake. There have been multiple collisions and traffic tie ups because of this entrance. And who knows how many people have to get out of the way of drivers that scoot directly through the gas station to "save time".
  • No Left Turn Archived
    100-208 Bogie Lake Rd White Lake, MI 48383, USA - White Lake
    There are people who try to turn left into the Shell gas station from Southbound Bogie Lake Road into a driveway that is maybe 25 feet from the corner. This backs up traffic into the intersection of M-59 and causes people to have to slam on their brakes because there is no room to get around them and traffic going North doesn't allow them to complete their turn. This is a dangerous condition, especially if you get stuck in the middle of M-59 and the light changes.