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  • 7400-7420 Wachtel Way Orangevale, CA 95662, USA - Citrus Heights
    People selling chairs at the corner of Kenneth and Oak in Orangevale
  • Other Archived
    12663-12679 Fair Oaks Blvd Citrus Heights, California - Citrus Heights
    Homeless moved in. Along greenback just before kb home complex north bound on right side along metal fence.
  • Other Archived
    7513 Wachtel Way Citrus Heights, California - Citrus Heights
    This car has been on jacks for several weeks. Expired tags, and the trailer hangs our on sidewalk. Tripping hazard.
  • Rusch Park Parking Lot Citrus Heights, CA - Citrus Heights
    There is a vehicle that comes to the park on Mondays and Wednesday mornings that is filled with trash. So much trash that the driver cannot see safely, in other words extreme hoarding in the vehicle. It is a senior citizen lady, and I noticed that her back taillight is now smashed out. Last week it was OK. Driving this car is dangerous for both the driver other vehicles and pedestrians. Please check this out. I have two pictures to include with license plate number
  • Antelope Rd Citrus Heights, California - Citrus Heights
    The seal gap that goes across the flyover bridge over I-80 is quickly getting worse, particularly on the west bound side of Antelope.
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    7818 Wachtel Way CITRUS HEIGHTS 95610 - Citrus Heights
    This sidewalk near Old Auburn near Pontecelli has been torn up for two months. The sidewalk torn also by Portalo since October.
  • 7831 Greenback Ln Citrus Heights, CA 95610, USA - Citrus Heights
    Harbor foregut tools is violating signage laws with tacky pictures of tools on their building. A nuisance and an eyesore to the community. Must be taken down.
  • 8343-8399 Oak Ave Citrus Heights, California - Citrus Heights
    With various locations along Oak Avenue bike paths in a litter with Glass and other debris. The question is the SAC County or the city of Citrus Heights manage the street sweeping
  • 8840 Day Lillies Ln Citrus Heights, CA 95610, USA - Citrus Heights
  • Antelope Road Citrus Heights, CA 95621, United States of America - Citrus Heights
    There are no reflectors on this median which makes it difficult to see at night. The road curves and drivers are either hitting the median or end up driving on the wrong side of the road to avoid the median.
  • Other Archived
    7501 Wachtel Way Citrus HEIGHTS 95610 - Citrus Heights
    Yard torn a part with large hole for utilities or something for several weeks with debris on sidewalk that can be tripped over.
  • GANG GAFFITTI Archived
    Greenback & Arcadia - Citrus Heights
    on the front and side of the old Les Swabes tire building there is large taggings.