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  • S Rittenhouse Rd And East Village Loop Rd N Queen Creek, AZ - Queen Creek
    the traffic sign alerting of the right lane becoming a turn only lane does not give sufficient time for thru traffic to respond during heavy volume of traffic at commute time. suggest another sign be placed prior to the curve.
    currently there is a substancial increase is horns honking, tires skidding and people yelling. as my back yard is subject to this. any help would be appreciated.
  • Signal needed Archived
    S Rittenhouse Rd Queen Creek, AZ - Queen Creek
    A light is needed at the intersection of Cloud and Rittenhouse. Several accidents have occurred. The strange angle makes it difficult to turn onto Rittenhouse. The sun makes it difficult to see in morning and light from oncoming traffic makes it difficult at night.
  • street light Archived
    Queen Creek AZ 85142, USA - Queen Creek
    we need a lite - have you tried a left turn on to rittenhouse in rush hour and the sun is blinding you
  • 21322 Via Del Rancho Queen Creek, AZ - Queen Creek
    Two black standard poodle dogs bark from 5:30 a.m. till 7:30 p.m. Local HOA has send notices, neighbors have complained since last February! Owner refuses to stop her dogs from barking.
  • quiet zone Archived
    E Ocotillo Rd And Railroad Crossing Queen Creek, AZ - Queen Creek
    the railroad crossing at this location meets the current standards for a quiet zone idf the city requests it. after upgrading the crossing why has the city not requested this to stop the unessesary train horns going on all the time. no sleep many nites due to increased train horns. the tracks have a siding in queen creek that are being used more and more to stage trains. why not at least reduce the unneeded horns at this central crossing?
  • 26207-26391 S Sossaman Rd Queen Creek, AZ 85142, USA - US Congressional District AZ6
    Daily off-road vehicles use the private property across from housing as motor-cross, kicking up dust and disturbing peace.
  • Old Ellsworth Rd. And Rittenhouse Rd. Queen Creek, AZ - US Congressional District AZ6
    I am a school bus driver for Q.C. and we can't even get our busses across the tracks without the light changing on us. This makes for a dangerous situation especially in the early morning when all the bussuses are leaving at about the same time.
  • 22000 S Recker Rd gilbert, AZ - Queen Creek
    Lots of crater dodging and rut straddling here.
  • 19600-20118 South Sossaman Road Queen Creek, Arizona - Queen Creek
    This light has regular light and arrow to turn left (East) onto Queen Creek Rd. The problem is that at times, the light turns green (not the arrow) for the traffic coming from the South, but doesn't turn green for the traffic coming from the North. Cars making a let sit there yielding/waiting for the cars coming from the North to pass, and the cars coming from the North come to a stop because apparently they have a red light!. This confuses the drivers and causes hesitation, which after a few minutes, the driver from left goes, but at that time the cars at a stop began to process through the intersection. This is an ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN. Traffic light needs to be fixed ASAP!!
  • crosswalk Archived
    Power And Chandlte Heights gilbert, AZ - Queen Creek
    The crosswalk button doesnt work on any of the lights
  • Hunt Highway/Gary Queen Creek, AZ - Queen Creek
    On Gary Rd between Hunt Hwy and Charbray there is always large debris in the bike lane. I ride my bike on this path becasue it is one of the few roads out here with a bike lane, it would be much safer for riders to have a clear path rather than swerving to try and avoid large branches, signs that have blown over, dead animals etc. Thank you for considering this safety hazard.
  • 220th Street Queen Creek, AZ - Queen Creek
    Every day and night cars, trucks, boat, trailers are parked on both sides of this street. The street is dirty with oil and trash, it is very difficult to drive let alone spot a child playing. This has been on going for several months and makes the whole area look trashy.