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  • Bad Pot Holes Archived
    Harkness Ave. Springfield, Hampden, MA - East Forest Park
    Both sides of the Street are bad
  • Pot Holes Archived
    Harkness Ave Springfield , Massachusetts - East Forest Park
    The entire street has pot holes everywhere.
  • Island Pond Rd springfield , ma - East Forest Park
    pot holes on island pond rd are deep.
  • Harkness Ave Srpingfield, Massachusetts - East Forest Park
    Deep potholes the entire length of Harkness Ave
  • Bad Pot Holes Archived
    Upper Abbott St. Springfield, Hampden, MA - East Forest Park
    From Plumtree Rd. to Sumner Ave.
  • used tires Archived
    Paridon Street - East Forest Park
    used tires dumped.
  • 1516 Sumner Avenue Springfield, Massachusetts - East Forest Park
    Sumner ave westbound stay in left lane large cluster of potholes just beyond bairdcrest and continue all the way up hill until harkness ave intersection.
  • 669 Allen Street springfield, MA - East Forest Park
    Haven't had a street light since the tornado. Would like to have it replaced.
  • 28-52 Paridon St Springfield, MA 01118, USA - East Forest Park
    Unregistered wrecked vehicle
  • 907 Sumner Ave Springfield, Massachusetts - East Forest Park

    The tree in front of the Dominos at 907 Sumner Ave needs a trim!
    It is overgrown and hitting the lines. It blocks the front of the store and driver views leaving the parking lot

    Looking for information on how to get it either replaced with a smaller tree or trimmed. If its ok to take down all together, that is OK too.

    thank you

  • 38-98 Spencer St Springfield, Massachusetts - East Forest Park
    dumped bedroom trash
  • street light Archived
    75 Rosella St Springfield, MA - East Forest Park
    the street light in front of 75 Rosella was replaced after the tornado, but then removed several weeks ago, leaving a very dark section of street, Why??? Can it be replaced