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  • Trash Open
    Goethe Rd Bluffton, SC - Bluffton
    Drive through Old Town Bluffton is quite beautiful however on Goethe Rd I see trash / wrecked vehicles / yard debris etc. I have lived in Bluffton Park for 2 years and it has only been getting worse.
  • 30 Halsey Cir Bluffton, SC 29910, USA - Bluffton
    item 8546178 was closed by city but No Resolution was delivered ..the trash cuttings still lay there and no resolution given to the pond drainage...I asked for status an it was just closed...really poor!!
  • Drainage Concern Acknowledged
    160-182 Mathews Dr Hilton Head Island, SC, 29926, USA - Hilton Head Island
  • Bluffton SC, USA - Bluffton
    Drainage issue, backyards flooding numerous lots on Benton Circle, entire backyards fill with rain water sitting for days causing swarms of mosquitoes to breed
  • Scarlet Oak Bluffton, SC, 29910, USA - Bluffton

    Hello. Memorial Day Service trash/recycling service was changed without notice for the Southern Oaks community. Conflicting information can be found, depending on where you look, stating either service or no service. Many people went by the attached flyer, which was distributed by Waste Management with our new recycle bins.

    Most of the neighborhood requires trash pickup as a result of the miscommunication; however, we are all getting different answers regarding our concern. Meanwhile, the trash is stacking up and will amount to two weeks worth of waste for most of the neighborhood if nothing is done before our next scheduled service. This is going to put a strain on the workers, as they will have a much bigger mess to contend with.

    Could someone please look into this? Thank you!


  • Trees Archived
    952–998 Buckwalter Pkwy Bluffton SC 29910, United States - Bluffton
    Tree across bike path
    Across from Low Country Community Church.
  • Bluffton SC, USA - Bluffton
    There is no drain to lagoon next to our home and it is running a stream of water through a number of yards off into lagoon creating a drainage problem in my backyard and others and is VERY bad for lagoon ecosystem to have yard runoff and silt pouring in from lawns also.
  • 469 Hulston Landing Rd Okatie, SC, 29909, USA - Bluffton
    we moved to the Bluffton area in December 2019 and since then have had nothing but headaches with the drainage on our property. After this most recent rain we have significant flooding in our backyard… And given the fact we have three younger children living here and I cannot allow them to go in the yard and play due to safety concerns. We have been back-and-forth with DR Horton regarding this issue and they have consistently ignored my request for a proper draining yard.
  • Woodhaven Ln Hilton Head Island, SC, 29928, USA - Hilton Head Island
    Sidewalk Replacement Request on Woodhaven Drive
  • 7 Sandy Stream Dr Bluffton, SC, 29910, USA - Bluffton
    Our road continues to flood when it rain. Seems the drains are either not working or isn’t done properly.
  • 21 Fording Ct Bluffton, SC, 29910, USA - Bluffton
    Street light across from house has been out for about two weeks.