Beaufort County

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  • Trash Open
    Goethe Rd Bluffton, SC - Bluffton
    Drive through Old Town Bluffton is quite beautiful however on Goethe Rd I see trash / wrecked vehicles / yard debris etc. I have lived in Bluffton Park for 2 years and it has only been getting worse.
  • 85 Crossings Blvd Bluffton, SC 29910, USA - Bluffton
  • 201 Robert Smalls Parkway Beaufort, SC 29906, USA - Beaufort
    This road just outside our community of Battery Point is a dumping place for kids getting off school buses and people living in nearby apartments.
  • Us278 Bluffton, South Carolina - US Congressional District SC2

    Highway overpass at HW170 is filthy with trash and that continues in center median of 278 from Hampton Inn to Buckwalter and even beyond to HHI.

    US278 must be kept clean of all debris. Every visitor to HHI passes thru this area and back to US95. Tourism is the core economic driver for this area along the coast of SC. First impressi0ons are lasting impressions. Ticket or clean!!

  • 359 Paige Point Rd Seabrook, SC 29940, USA - US Congressional District SC2
    Always a litter hotspot. On Paige Point Rd. in between Johnson Rd and Backgate Rd
  • Jennings Rd - Burton
    House hold trash all over the side of the road. This happens all the time need to have it patrolled more at night as this is not there during the only only shows up at night. Sick people in this world!!!!
  • 137-139 Old Salem Rd Beaufort, SC 29902, USA - US Congressional District SC2
    Huge potholes in center of lane.
  • Coosaw Scenic Drive Ridgeland, South Carolina - US Congressional District SC2
    The sides of the road are full of general litter on this road which is heavily traveled by locals and by visitors to our area coming off I-95.
  • Landscaping Archived
    Buck Island Rd & May River Rd Bluffton, SC, 29910, USA - US Congressional District SC2
    Vegetation is beginning to obstruct the traffic signal on the south side of the May River Road-Buck Island Road intersection.
  • 63 Fording Island Rd Bluffton, South Carolina - Bluffton
    A lot of litter wb 278 after you cross the bridge/overpass by Hampton Parkway.
  • Trask Parkway Beaufort, South Carolina - US Congressional District SC2
  • 3762 Okatie Hwy Bluffton, SC 29910, USA - Bluffton
    Vandalism under bridge along NRT at info sign 5.