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  • 238 East Ave Norwalk, CT 06855, USA - South Norwalk East Bound Lot
    The pedestrian walkway under the railroad tracks is in horrible condition. It is not well lit, sidewalk is crumbling and hand rails are broken. A walkway should also be available on the other side of the road.
  • 54 East Ave Norwalk ct - Norwalk
    The lone pedestrain walk button does not signal a change in traffic lights. First, the green signal to cross the street also signals cars to make a left onto East Ave. Second, the lights are impossible to see as a pedstrian. Third there is no way to safely cross route 1. This is a dangerous intersection.
  • Broad St Norwalk, CT 06851, USA - Norwalk
    Thought this was illegal in CT? Guy inside would not activate pump.
  • 193 Main St Norwalk, CT 06851, USA - Norwalk

    There is no good way for all the residents east of Main St to reach the Dunkin Donuts on the west side of Main St. The New Canaan Ave / Main St intersection needs a crosswalk and pedestrian signal on the north side of the intersection.

    Currently, the preferred method of crossing is looking both ways and running for your life.

  • 216 East Ave Norwalk, CT 06855, USA - South Norwalk East Bound Lot
    There is a marked crosswalk in this location that is mostly used for train commuters during rush hour. Oncoming traffic does not properly observe this crosswalk. I have seen many near misses in 8 years of daily commuting and feel that this is a very dangerous situation for pedestrians. Unmarked police cars should park here for a day or two around 8:00 A.M. and pass out tickets. Better yet, a crossing light should be installed.
  • Wilton Avenue Norwalk, CT - Norwalk
    Can anything be done about the trash that is thrown near the Norwalk River Bridge at the corner of Wilton Avenue? Perhaps a public trash bin like they have downtown? I know you can't make people use it, but perhaps they will if it's there.
  • 7 Calf Pasture Beach Rd Norwalk, CT 06855, USA - Norwalk
    calk pasture is the main road to access the public beach in Norwalk, however there is about 100 yards of sidewalk that is so narrow you have to walk single file. People and bikes are often forced off the sidewalk and out into the roadway. There also happens to be a blind turn which makes it even more dangerous.
    I suggest removing the asphalt center median at this location which is roughly 3 feet wide and widening the sidewalk or making a short bike lane to protect the pedestrians, joggers and cyclists that frequently use the road/sidewalk. It is a precarious situation that is an accident waiting to happen.
  • 2 Belden Ave Norwalk, CT - Norwalk
    Garbage and weeds in the bushes in front of the Belden Ave Post Office UPPS truck parking lot.
  • Pot hole Archived
    58 Winfield St Norwalk, CT 06855, USA - Norwalk
    A pot hole has opened up on the intersection of Villaway Road and Winfield Street.
  • Union Ave. Norwalk, CT - Norwalk
    This is the worst street in Norwalk. It needs to be repaved.
  • 41north Main Street norwalk, CT - Norwalk

    Attn:WFSB! My name is Allan Aitkens, I am writing you on behalf of the Norwalk Connecticut museum which is slated to close in the next five months. Please! I am kindly asking you, to help us save this great institution, by making an appeal to the mayor, city officials and respective citizens, in regards to this urgent matter.

    Thank You!
    Sincerely Yours
    Allan Aitkens

  • 79 Seaview Avenue Norwalk, Connecticut - Norwalk
    This building is owned by the same persons who own Overton's as far as I can tell, since at one point there were signs on it advertising Overton's ice cream. This property has for years been in a state of disrepair, with windows missing, broken windows, boarded up windows, collapsing staircases, and paneling falling off. This is certainly something that should be considered by the City for a fine under the new Blight Ordinance.