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  • Landon & Lucas Drives Bordentown, NJ - Bordentown

    There has been a recent event of a neighborhood dog being poisoned with arsenic. this dog was an outside dog. several years ago there was another instance of 2 dogs dying suspiciously! these dogs were also outside dogs. what these dogs all had in common was that they had a tendency to bark a lot.

    There is a serial dog murderer that lives amongst us and needs to be investigated by the police.

  • 144 206 U.S. 206 Bordentown, NJ 08505, USA - Bordentown

    The stretch of highway where 206 and 130 run concurrently through Bordentown merges and diverges at an excessive speed. All too often, cars are seen merging across 3 lanes of traffic, cutting off tractor-trailers. Further north near Chickie-and-Pete's, cars enter and exit directly from the travel lanes with no shoulder or warning.

    Please lower the speed through this section and add flashing signs and alerts to ensure drivers are aware of the twists and turns.

  • Corner Of Second St And Railroad Ave - Bordentown
    There is a house on the corner of Second and Railroad that is falling down. It is an eye sore and an embarrasement for those who pay high taxes to live is this historical city. Nothing seems to be getting done
  • 12-98 W Union St Bordentown, NJ 08505, USA - Bordentown
    Union St. is a one way.. however if you are traveling on Oliver going toward Burlington St. from Chestnut you can't see that Oliver is a one way.. I see people come up the one way going the wrong way all the time.. I have sent requests to the city and have seen nothing done about it. Thank you
  • 26-98 2nd St Bordentown, NJ 08505, USA - Bordentown
    there is not enough parking for the residents
  • 310-338 Farnsworth Ave Bordentown, NJ 08505, USA - Bordentown
    Bulbs are burnt out in several of the city's nostalgic lamp posts along it's prestigious , main street, FARNSWORTH AVE. Also some home and other property owners have decided to stop sweeping up their sidewalks & some won't shovel their snow !!!... Doesn't any one else notice these things ??
  • 47 Elizabeth St Bordentown, NJ 08505, USA - Bordentown
    There is an abandoned trailer parked in the road in front of 47 Elizabeth st. It is creating parking problems and snow removal problems please help