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i watch my area needs to be watched!

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  • 1101-1215 Conshohocken Rd Conshohocken, PA 19428, USA - Montgomery County
    This road has been blocked for, what, nearly a year or more now? Fix whatever is being built and reopen the road!! Traffic is bad enough without this road being closed!!!
  • 901-999 Knapp Rd Montgomeryville, PA 19446, USA - Montgomeryville
    There should be a turn arrow light installed at this intersection ASAP. It is a joke to have to sit there turning onto Knapp Road and avoid being hit while trying to make the turn.
  • 2-4 Long Meadow Rd Royersford, PA 19468, USA - Montgomery County
    Apparently the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has the power to close roads in Limerick township! No work is being done on Royersford road. Royersford road was the detour for Township line road. Customers can not get to businesses in the area, they are losing a lot of money. This has to be the result of incompetent planning, or some behind the scenes deal cut with the church. Please investigate this, people are being hurt. Royersford road is safe, all they have to do is lower speed limit to 15 mph and put up a few stop signs.
  • 3203 Swede Rd Norristown, PA 19401, USA - East Norriton
    Thanks to all the low rent rooming houses, extra traffic from cars cutting through, illegal construction and businesses traffic, this historic neighborhood is being ruined.
  • 1000-1012 Powell St Norristown, PA 19401, USA - Norristown
    Southbound Powell - the red light in front of the library is ridiculously long, and the green light compensates by being way too short. :-(
  • 950 Forge Ave Norristown, PA 19403, USA - Audubon
    We are constantly overwelmed by dogs mess being sprayed on our property, flies being flooded in our house to the neighbors un healthy dog area. Now today we have dog mess in our drive way which was sprayed from their side HELP PLEASE. Dogs have also almost destroyed the parting fence which is a major safety risk
  • Benjamin Franklin Hwy Pottstown PA 19465, USA - Montgomery County
  • Evans St Pottstown, PA 19464, USA - Pottstown
    The residents of the 400 block of NEvans St are being subjected to the extremely loud screaming and whining of 2 motorcycles that are either flying up the St doing well over and beyond 25 miles an hour or the constant revving up of said motorcycles in the alley behind Evans St This is an everyday occurrence. (*content removed for violent language) . There are many children on this block and hopefully no one will be run over when they fly up the street. Enough is enough and summer isn't even here yet.
  • 840-938 Bethlehem Pike Colmar, PA 18915, USA - US Congressional District PA13
    NB 309 traffic is piling up because SB 309 traffic turning left onto County Line road continues to ignore the fact that NB traffic has a green light and the right to move NB, instead I've seen everything from a bicyclist to an 18 wheeler in the past week alone ignore the fact that they must YIELD when the green arrow is gone to allow the NB traffic to move. Quite honestly, I'm at the point that if I'm first in line NB at the light, I gun it so that the person coming SB has to JERK to a stop. What ever happened to the police presence that would be parked on the meridian in front of the Burger King right there? Bring that back. It'll deter me from being an aggressive driver and those coming SB from creating a greater risk of an accident because sooner or later, there will be someone in a bigger vehicle than me that guns it and then traffic will really be snarled.
  • 35 E. Fourth Street 19446 - Lansdale
    Sick and tired of waking up on a beautiful spring morning, with the windows open, to the sound of cats fighting or mating in my tree in the yard. They all belong to the cat hoarder in the big Victorian on E. 4th St. And my flower beds smell like a litter box all the time. Make it stop. Oh, and is it legal to keep a litter box on your front porch for your loose cats? I sure hope not.
  • 401-599 1st Ave Royersford, PA 19468, USA - Royersford
    There is what looks like a sewer pipe that drains a whitish foul smelling liquid into the river. Not sure that its sewage, but whatever it is is certainly shouldnt be draining into the river.
  • 1-191 Sanatoga Rd Sanatoga, PA 19464, USA - Sanatoga

    Stop Light needed for Sanatoga Rd & High St
    Ever been on either side of Sanatoga Rd trying to make a turn, or even go straight during rush hours? You are stuck there sometimes for up to 10 minutes.
    Also coming off of Sanatoga RD, trying to make a left to go up to Turkey Hill, cars pull out way farther than stop sign, due to not being able to see oncoming cars.