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  • Rt 841 & Rt 896 - Chester County
    the problem is on rt 841 trying to cross rt 896, North of rt 841 about 75 to 100 yards is a hill with a built in turn on it. While trying to cross rt 896 from either direction on rt 841 you have to cross your fingers inch out into the road (rt 896) hope for the best and punch the gas peddle. Many times their are cars coming over the hill at the same time your committed into rt 896. The speeds range from 40 to 70 miles an hour on rt 896 so going these speeds coming over the hill and just around 75 to 100 yards until impact it takes your breath away. no deaths yet but several accidents, I understand pen dot or the Franklin township in chester county, PA did a THREE YEAR study of the problem and the result was some flashing lights and those white stripes that are supposed to act like speed bumps were put on the rt 896 north and south bound lanes. So far I believe there has been two more accidents at this intersection since the improvements. WE NEED A FOUR WAY STOP OR A RED LIGHT BEFORE SOMEONE IS KILLED. That's my five minute study and it cost nothing to anyone!!!
  • 49-75 Good Hope Rd Landenberg, PA 19350, USA - Chester County
    Impossible to see traffic on Good Hope Road, coming out of Flint Hill Road (in both directions), until you are out in the middle of the intersection. A four-way stop sign is desperately needed at this intersection!
  • 21-99 Kimbelot Ln Landenberg, PA 19350, USA - Chester County
    kimblelot lane and 896 traffic is heavy and fast between to nasty bends in the road
  • 100-188 Newark Rd Landenberg, PA 19350, USA - Chester County
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 6568-6620 Limestone Rd Hockessin, DE 19707, USA - North Star

    There is a HUGE pothole on Limestone Road (Route 7) just before you enter the Pennsylvania State Line. My son hit this pothole with his right front tire on Saturday evening February 27th and destroyed his rim and tire.

    PLEASE repair. Thank you,
    Deanna Voss

  • Intersection Of South Guernsey Road And Kelton Pennock Road Franklin Township, PA - Chester County
    only 2 stop signs, and is very hard to see when crossing intersection because of roads curves and banks. You have to pull out really far to look for oncoming traffic and by then you're in their path
  • 901-909 Valley Rd Hockessin, DE 19707, USA - Hockessin
    Getting bigger and it is the whole lane
  • Kelly Drive And Yeatmans Mill Road - North Star
    When turning left from Kelly Drive onto Yeatmans Mill Road, a tree blocks the view to the right. Very dangerous!
  • 112 Landenberg Road Chester County, PA - Chester County
    there is a dip in the road that allows a car to "disappear " when we pull out of the driveway. there have been several close calls as few vehicles actually obey the speed limit. possible solution is to post a sign that says DRIVEWAY or HIDDEN DRIVWAY . Thanks for your help.this applies to vehicles travelling from Penn Green Road up the hill after crossing Landenberg bridge ,this was not an issue while the bridge was closed.
  • 6568-6620 Limestone Rd Hockessin, DE 19707, USA - North Star
    Quite a few large potholes on Route 7/Limestone Rd. right at the DE/PA state line. If you are on Limestone Road, you will pass Lantana Shopping Center and go up the hill before you enter Pennsylvania. Right before the state line there are major potholes on both the north and southbound lanes.
  • North Bank Road - Chester County
    Blind hill prevent person who is turning left onto Goodhope Road from seeing oncoming traffic; flashing lights or a stop sign need to be installed.
  • 37 Harris Cir Newark, DE, 19711, USA - North Star
    Street lamp out in front of my home