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  • 600 West Maple Road Troy, MI 48084, USA - Troy
    Many nights and early mornings where the peace is disturbed by these loud tractor traliers that sit in the parking lot of 600 W Maple Rd Troy Michigan. And the City is sucking the taxes so much that they can't (read won't) answer any legitimate complaints but instead act like bullies and threaten us with violence in order to "make the complaints go away."
  • Corporate Drive And Crooks Intersection Troy, MI - Troy
    During 5 p.m. rush hour traffic, eastbound drivers on Corporate Drive, have approx.14 seconds to get through the light, while all other traffic gets approx. 35 seconds. Traffic from the businesses on Corporate Drive get backed up nearly 1/2 mile because of this (everyday). I usually have to sit through this light while it changes 5 times before I finally get through, & my workplace is 2 driveways away from the intersection. It is ridiculous & totally frustrating. Many of my co-workers are complaining about this too. This light needs to be changed immediately.
  • 4485 4999 John R Rd Troy, MI 48085, USA - Troy
    John R between Long Lake and Wattles has been badly patched in so many places it is horrible to drive on. The worst section is right lane on the southbound side between Long Lake and Athens High.
  • 45441 Dequindre Rd Rochester Hills, MI 48307, USA - Troy
    There is no clear path to not hit the numerous pot-holes. The road from South to Auburn should have been fixed along with M-59.
  • 6893-6941 Crooks Road Troy, Michigan - Troy
    The traffic going north on Crooks becomes very backed up at South Blvd during evening rush hour. It seems to bottle up here after being relatively ok at Square Lake and Long Lake. It is also fairly clear until Hamlin, but that is simply due to the lanes merging from 2 to 1. It seems the only reason for the backup at South Blvd is that the north/south lights for Crooks are not well timed compared to the other mile roads, especially considering the much less traffic going east/west on South Blvd at this time of the day.
  • Crooks Rd Troy, MI 48098, USA - Troy
    Northbound Crooks far left (inside) lane just south of the I-75 on-ramp has an EXTREMELY deep pothole. Its about 1 foot wide and at least 6 inches deep. Please patch this pothole ASAP.
  • 1850 E South Blvd Troy, MI 48085, USA - Troy
    South Blvd and Dequindre has many deep pot holes. People are swerving all over the road to avoid hitting them.
  • 3151-3249 John R Rd Troy, MI 48083, USA - Troy
    south bound right lane falling apart again. did we run out of money
  • 2882-2892 Rochester Rd N Troy, MI 48083, USA - Troy
    When getting off I-75 North at Exit 67 Rochester Rd. there are three lanes of traffic turning right. The middle right turning lane is the most dangerous and I've almost gotten into a few accidents because of a few issues. 1. The painted dashed lines are so faded you can't tell which lane goes where. 2. Drivers in the far right lane sometimes realize it is a TURN RIGHT ONLY onto big beaver road and try changing left a lane without seeing if there is someone in the lane over. 3. many people disobey the NO TURN ON RED.
  • 1137-1157 E Long Lake Rd Troy, MI 48085, USA - Troy
    The turn around light here, and the one just west of Rochester Rd. on Long Lake Rd., do not need to be going most of the day. They only need to be going on weekdays maybe between 7:30am and 7:00pm. On weekends they do not need to be going at 8:00am, nor do they need to be going after around 6pm. These lights are unnecessarily impeding traffic on early and late times during the weekends, and in the evening on weekdays. They have made living along Long Lake absolutely miserable. Please feel free to call me at 248-709-7659 if you have any questions. We are so frustrated with these crazy lights we are considering moving out of Troy.
  • 900-998 Barclay Dr Troy, MI 48085, USA - Troy
    Southbound drivers on Rochester Road are trying to avoid the traffic at the Wattles intersection by speading down Barclay...go get'em Troy PD...Please!
  • BAD ROAD Archived
    5500 Crooks Rd Troy, MI 48098, USA - Troy