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  • 26131–26399 100th Pl Se Kent WA 98030, United States - Kent
    This is just one of many photos that I took yesterday Behind Target It's absolutely unacceptable
  • 21800-22098 90th Ave S Kent, WA, 98031, USA - Kent
    On 88th Pl S and S 218th St, parallel to Hwy167, the grass between the road and sidewalk is getting to be 2 feet or more. I requested grass be mowed about 6 weeks ago when the grass strips were 4 feet. Some people came out and weed whacked it and it looked better. No one came in and mowed, though.
    May 13 I put another request in as no one came back and mowed and the grass is getting really long again. No one came at that time either to mow.
    The grass strips are now more than 2 feet tall again with weeds that are out of hand, taking over some of the areas.
    Please send a team to mow the grass strips and pull weeds on 88th and up 218th. We paid a lot of taxpayer dollars to renovate that road and add sidewalks, but no upkeep is making it look horrible
  • 8731 S 259th St Kent, WA 98030, USA - Kent
    Solid waste going up the hill at this location.
  • 6574-6728 S 251st St Kent, WA, 98032, USA - Kent
    Illegal dumping witnessed today at ~9:30 AM. The man with this truck was dumping contents on Parcel 5436200844 Kent Property. 911 was called at the time. There is also a big homeless camp mess and old U-Haul truck at this location.
  • 128th Ave Se & Se 264th St Kent, WA, 98030, USA - Kent
    Neighbor on corner of 264th and 128th appears to have a septic tank overflow issue that is surfacing in their front yard. She said every time they flush the toilet there is a horrible stench. She has notified the tenants at the property and the landlord but they have not done anything about it.
  • 25430 68th Ave S Kent, WA 98032, USA - Kent
    On both sides of the channel at the north end of the island there are multiple dumping locations.
  • 104th Ave Se & Se 244th St Kent, WA 98030, USA - Kent
    Possible Gang Related Graffiti on the trash can.
  • 11198 Se 241st Pl Kent, WA, 98030, USA - Kent

    The dumping and garbage at this location is getting out of control.
    I have called it in a couple times but no one has cleaned anything up.
    There are now boards with nails, broken glass, and drug paraphernalia right in the pathway.
    This is Kent at 112th ave se south of 240th st

    Near 11198-11136 SE 241st Pl, Kent, WA 98030

  • Veterans Dr Kent, WA 98032, USA - Kent
    There appears to be solid waste along the runoff pathway to the Green River on south side of Veterans Drive.
  • 615 1st Ave S Kent, WA 98032, USA - Kent
    Large dumping site.
  • 12012 Se 260th Pl Kent, WA, 98030, USA - Kent
    Drain inlet is set above grade and water ponds around it whenever it rains.
  • Veterans Dr Kent, WA 98032, USA - Kent
    It appears that this large & wide spread solid waste location falls along a possible culvert and/or outflow location leading to the Green River.