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  • Parthenon Blvd & Interstate 24 & Waldron Rd La Vergne, TN - La Vergne
    The I-24 W on ramp at Waldron Rd is falling aprt. Cars have to swarve to the left or right completly off the ramp to avoid the rough pavement. It's been this way for a long time and needs to be repaired.
  • Caruthers Rd La Vergne, TN - La Vergne
    From mountain top trail all the way to the start of carothers crossing, the road is washing away on the sides. I've almost hit several cars head-on coming around the corners. you have to ride dangerously close to the middle of the road to keep from dropping off. The road needs to be widened about 2 feet and a shoulder added. you can tell there used to be road there.
  • 540 598 Dick Buchanan St La Vergne, TN - La Vergne
    Road has a severe dip as it is settling over a cross drain in street. Sink hole keeps forming between sidewalk and road. Has been getting worse the last 2 years.
  • Murfreesboro Rd. At Nir Shreibman Blvd./Parthenon Blvd. La Vergne, TN - La Vergne
    The turn lane at this intersection is not long enough. Traffic backs up terribly. Entering the turn lane to turn left onto Nir Shreibman Blvd. at the KFC causes backup into the next lane becasue the turn lane is very short.
  • Albin Ct La Vergne, TN - La Vergne
    Streetlight constantly going on and off needs to be fixed. Only light in the cove.
  • Alon Babayan Arch La Vergne, TN - La Vergne
    cars are speeding on Nir Shreibman Bouldvard and missing the curve and careening down an embankment onto private property on the street Alon Babylon Arch. One day a car or cars will hit a townhome, another car, or individual. Some type of guardrail needs to be in place on Nir Shreibman Blvd at the curve to prevent this.
  • Corner Of Old Nashville Highway And Jefferson Pike La Vergne, TN - La Vergne
    Can this intersection have a turn arrow installed on this stop light to ease the back up with people trying to turn left on Jefferson Pike going south on Old Nashville Highway? Thanks!
  • 132 Mary Joe Martin Drive la vergne, TN - La Vergne
    the street lights are out on my road
  • Old Nashville Hwy Lavergne, TN - La Vergne
    All over the cith of Lavergne there are more than half the city streets light that are not working, mostly burned out.They have been that way for atleast 6 yrs. I know of at least 60 lights out in a 5 miles drive home.
  • 103 Olivia Court la vergne, TN - La Vergne
    This house has been empty for over a year, the grass needs to be cut, teenagers are in in out of the house late nights and there is trash every where outside and on a trailor. A nussance!
  • 392 Old Nashville Hwy. LaVergne, TN - La Vergne
    I have been calling NES for over a year about a light security pole that was damaged in a storm. This pole is very loose and is leaning very badly & is leaning toward my home. All NES has done is to come out & tie a pink ribbon around it. Thank You Donald Denson 615-426-4175
  • Sanford/Chaney/ Sanders Dr La Vergne, TN - La Vergne
    The streets need to be scraped and paved,Lights need to be put up for safety.The pavement around the manhole is sinking,creating a
    large depression