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  • Clifton NJ 07011, USA - Clifton
    Since April 6, 2010 we've constantly reported to the city of Clifton, that the trees they planted along the street are interfering with the power lines & wires. Since Clifton has done NO maintenance or trimming on these trees since they've planted them, the trees have grown taller than our houses. This past storm has brought 3 trees done, and damaged 4 cars. How many more cars need to be damaged? How many more power outages need to occur? What dangerous conditions/events need to occur before Clifton takes necessary action?
  • Rutherford Blvd And High Street Clifton, New Jersey - Clifton
    Huge craters were filled today but still many smaller potholes that were not repaired.
  • Harrassment Archived
    77 Abbe Lane Clifton, NJ - Clifton
    Constant calling to the police. Parking cars, dogs, noise, snow blowing water usage, all these and the police find no issue. Maybe Nicole should have a life so she does not have to pay so much attention to ours!!!!!!!!!! How can we stop this. Our neighbors as well as myself is fed up with this imature behavior of an over 30 year old.
  • State Rte 3 Clifton, NJ - Clifton
    The Valley Rd bridge over Rts 3 & 46 should be replaced to improve the merger in both directions. This is a perenial bottleneck and is dangerous.
  • 562 Grove St clifton, NJ - Clifton
    I don't like to complain, i am new to clifton, but the homeowner at this address has halloween decorations hanging from street trees, telephone poles, and even tied to some of the power lines. couldn't this bring down or damage things? isn't that illegal? i am concerned that we will lose power or phone service especially if we have a bad storm.
  • Addison Place Richfield Village Apartments, Clifton, NJ 07012, USA - Clifton
    Doesn't the City of Clifton have a noise ordinance? Every Wednesday, the landscapers that cut the lawns at the Richfield Village Complex begin cutting and trimming lawn at 7AM? This is every single Wednesday at the same time.
  • 565 Grove St Clifton, NJ - Clifton

    The noise in williamsburg north condos and I assume south and the townhouses is getting ridiculous from rt 3 and lately its really bad at all times of the day. Huge tractor trailers traveling too fast to the 2 lane merge and dangerous curve onto rt 46 constantly throw on their jigg breaks that shakes my whole house. I have several ideas 1) a sound barrier wall along rt 3, which also could avoid a drunk or sleeping driver from plowing into our pool or complex parking lot and killing someone. it would also improve the view from our pool imo since nj highways arent exactly eye candy.

    My 2nd idea is maybe a little radical but could even set a new trend and that is a "NO JIGG BREAK ZONE" and instead make the speed limit lower aproaching the rt 46 merge and give tickets for usage like they do for honking in NYC. This of course wouldnt help with the motorcycles that go by all night with no tail pipes which also sound like an airplane taking off. I guess only the wall would help with that.

    Reducing the speed limit near the parkway down to 40mph could also help, and may be the cheapest and easiest and might even prevent accidents from the terrible merge.

    Its just not fair that I cant keep my windows open and smell the fall air because I will be awoken from my sleep all night.

    And yes i know i moved next to a highway but i assure you in the past years its gotten way worse the jigg break usage has gone way up and the motorcycles without mufflers has gone way up, idk why.

  • 492-498 Grove St Clifton, NJ 07013, USA - Clifton
    Is the County/ DOT ever going to repair the portion of Grove Street between the Rt3 overpass and E Gate Street? Getting off Rt3 W at Grove Street is a nightmare because of the growing number of potholes.
  • Grove St Between Holster Park And Rte 3 - Clifton
    When is the re-paving work on Grove St going to be finished?? I saw Broad street chopped up and repaved within days. This section of Grove St, between Holster Park and Route 3, has been 'under construction' for well over a month... creating local traffic and unsafe driving conditions, especially at night.
  • State Rte 21 Clifton, NJ - Clifton
    There is a pot hole between exit 10B and right before 10A in the Right Hand lane.
  • 19-59 Outwater Ln Clifton, NJ 07011, USA - Clifton
    It's in the right lane near the curb on the west side of the bridge.
  • Many holes Archived
    710-712 Bloomfield Ave Clifton, NJ 07012, USA - Clifton
    There are many holes in the road right here. It is impossible to avoid.