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Neighbors looking out for Neighbors

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  • 3902 Lake Ave Rochester, NY - Charlotte

    Watch for yourself, any givin day.
    Update 9/30/11 Recent Steps have been initiated by Charlotte High Principal (Mr.Allen) and his team to stop the loitering etc of Charlotte Students. Ironically, while a local News station (13) was doing a segment regarding the schools efforts, While interviewing a store owner (the very business in question,shown in picture) on his contributions to the schools effort (not allowing students in the store until after 3pm) the very suspected drug dealer is shown walking in the store ( in the background ) as the owner is being interviewed!!!
    "No students allowed in the store til after 3pm" ???
    The store owner is in the process of buying the house right next door!

    UPDATE 12/26/11
    This aforementioned location has become quite a central Hub for the Charlotte Community to buy all types of illegal narcotics, it seems to be far more coordinated than previously realized, also far more dangerous in regards to its interest with local gangs and hoodlums ( afterall, this is prime real estate even for crime).
    We will continue to monitor and record this activity, as well as update this location.
    PLEASE do not hesitate to respond