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  • 2418 S Stemmons Fwy Lewisville, TX 75067, USA - Lewisville

    The asphalt has deteriorated to the point the whole section of road may have to be repaved.

    When a car is next to you it is impossible to avoid the holes.

  • Holfords Prairie Rd Lewisville, TX 75057, USA - Lewisville

    Why can't the the lights at FM544 and Fish Hatchery road be properly timed?

    3/15/2011 This is an update. This is still problem. Seems traffic engineers aren't capable of timing two traffic signals and instead would rather force drivers to pollute more. Also, why are drivers routed through FM544 to get onto the service road of 121. Before the toll road opened drivers were routed from 121 business to the service road. Now drivers must take an alternate route, encounter 3 traffic signals. This is uncalled for!

  • 2801 Mac Arthur Blvd Lewisville, TX 75067, USA - Lewisville

    West-bound 121 service road at MacArthur needs lane direction signs above the signal lights.

    There a 3 lanes of traffic. The left lane allows left turns as well as going straight. The problem is that cars in the center lane sometimes turn left.

    If one of these vehicles in the center lane decides to turn left while a car in the left lane decides to go straight, they will collide.

  • 2501–2505 Windhaven Pkwy Lewisville TX 75056, United States - Lewisville
    Two major potholes in front of Independence Elementary School Can't avoid em. Please help. .
  • 968 Raldon St Lewisville, TX - Lewisville
    The entire street has potholes every few feet, with some spanning its entire width.
  • deep pothole Archived
    Roberts Dr Lewisville, TX - Lewisville
    North Bound Service Road 1-35 right where you turn onto Roberts on the Toys R Us side, across is Busy Body ==>Hole is getting bigger, not too long before it pops a tire
  • E Corporate Dr Lewisville, TX 75067, USA - Lewisville
    Large pot hole on the ramp from I35 north to Corporate Drive east bound. You can clearly see the pot hole in google earth.
  • 1474 College Pkwy Lewisville, texas - Lewisville
    corner college pkwy and pine bluff
  • Roberts Dr Lewisville, TX - Lewisville

    Apparently the heavy rains this month have further deteriorated a pot hole in this area next to a street drain.

    It is very deep, hard to notice when approaching it and can swallow a whole tire.

  • street light Archived
    641 Price Dr Lewisville, TX, 75067, USA - Lewisville
    street light just to the west is out - very dark.
  • Interstate 35e Lewisville, TX 75057, USA - Lewisville
    There is a road collapse on I-35E in Lewisville going north to Denton. The pothole is in the left lane and causes drivers to swerve unexpectedly into the middle lane. As a passenger of a car that could not avoid the pothole, I am witness to the car's left front tire going flat because the rim was bent.
  • 495 W Corporate Dr Lewisville, TX 75067, USA - Lewisville
    some one over the memorial day weekend took bolts out of some of the bench seats and then bent them upward damaging the seats...which is a safety hazard to the children and parents..since it is the southridg elementary school play ground