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  • 124 Jefferson Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    At this address and mid-block Jefferson & near high school. Walked to Avalon garage. Worker there said floors were being painted late in day with very strong paint & this probably source of odor.
    What is the paint? Brand name? Chemical composition? Piercing acrid solvent smell ongoing for several weeks.
  • 96 Jefferson Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Leave are too close to the storm drain, can potentially clog the drain and there is a lot of rain coming.
  • 104 Jefferson Rd Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton
    The violation on the Franklin Avenue side of my property is by the snow plow driver. He cleared the street parking spaces by pushing three feet of hard pack snow onto the sidewalk. It is impossible to clear. The sidewalk is used by school children, a visually-impaired woman and her seeing-eye dog, and a lot of other neighbors, some elderly, some with small children. Please fix the danger that your employee created.
  • 134 Moore St Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton
    It appears that the residents of 134 Moore are not home and did not make arrangements for snow removal. Sidewalk has not been cleared.
  • 138 Jefferson Road Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    There is a strong odor coming from the hospital site (almost like a varnish smell). Caller states that the odor was so strong that it made his eyes water.
  • 125 Jefferson Rd Princeton, NJ 08540, USA - Princeton North
    Weird odor... Solvent like.... Very pungent. Second time in smarter of weeks. Where is it coming from??
  • 91 Jefferson Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Leave are blocking the storm drain
  • 98 Jefferson Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    A grey car is parked in the street end of the driveway at 98 Jefferson Street, fully blocking the pedestrian sidewalk. There is room to park further up the driveway, but this car seems to be prepared for the next storm on Monday because its wiper blades are lifted up off the glass. That sidewalk is also used by high school students. Please enforce the ordinance against blocking sidewalks
  • 133 Jefferson Road Princeton Nj - Princeton North
    After 8pm Jefferson Road because a speed zone. Cars are speeding down the road exceeding the posted 25 MPH. Can the police please monitor Jefferson Road more closely in the evening hours.
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    15 Harris Road Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    Tear down at 15 Harris performed with no spraying to keep dust from spreading to surrounding residential properties. Large amounts of dust already generated. Dust visible on nearby cars, yards, etc. Does code permit this?
  • 134 Moore St Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton
    For the 2nd time in a week, large amounts of household (and construction project?) trash has been dumped at the public trash can at the sidewalk-corner of my address at 51 Hawthorne Avenue. In both cases, there are cardboard boxes (both stuffed in the can and sitting on the street) that sport shipping labels going to a Constanza Ferro at 134 Moore Street. I've gone to that address on foot (about a block away - which has it's own nearby corner public trash can!) and no one appears to be there - except for upstairs lights on - and empty trash cans sitting neatly in front of the garage (!)
  • 164 Moore St Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton
    The London plane tree right opposite the walkway to 164 Moore St., between the sidewalk and the street, has a very large limb that is dead. It is the bottom limb on the sidewalk side of the tree. If it falls, it could hurt a pedestrian, or our fence, or take down wires to our house. The next limb up on the same side is also half dead and a hazard. While you are here, the locust tree on the Franklin St. side of the property, again between the sidewalk and the road, has branches that are within 3 feet of touching our house and could stand to be cut back. Many thanks for your assistance with these tree issues.