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I am a long time citizen of Gwinnett Co. and Lawrenceville, I only want to help report things that could cause front end damage, blowouts, accidents, red lights out etc. Not fussing, just reporting , thanks much.

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  • E Crogan St & Hosea Rd Lawrenceville, GA - Lawrenceville
    coming off Hosea onto E Crogan is a severe dip that tears up the front end alignment on your vehicle has been this way at least 4 years
  • 772 Moon Rd Lawrenceville, GA 30046, USA - Lawrenceville
    This is a terrible intersection. It needs larger turning lanes. During the afternoon, I've been at this stoplight for a ridiculous amount of time, waiting to get across the road. If you added turning lanes with their own appropriate lights it would help mitigate traffic substantially!
  • 275 East Crogan Street Lawrenceville, Georgia - Lawrenceville
    When traffic that is heading east on E Crogan St. in downtown Lawrenceville tries to turn left onto Buford Dr. (to head north towards Hwy. 316), they are put in danger of a collision. The left turn only lane should only turn left, but on an almost DAILY basis some traffic continues straight on E Crogan St. This puts traffic in the lane beside the left turn only lane in danger. The lane beside the left turn only lane is a lane that you can either turn left or continue straight. Traffic that chooses to turn left (onto Buford Dr.) may be hit by traffic in the left turn only lane that has continued straight, disregarding the left turn only signs. Please install a barricade to keep left turn only traffic from continuing straight. It must be concrete, because small posts that have been installed have been run over and are no longer there. There is no deterrent. I turn left at this intersection daily and have seen numerous near misses. Thank you!
  • Ga-316 E & Hurricane Shoals Rd Ne Lawrenceville, GA, 30043, USA - Lawrenceville
    I am not sure why this light (ON HURRICANE SHOALS-HI HOPE RD TURNING INTO GA 316 this light is literally one of the only ways to get on this highway in this area) does not have a LEFT turning signal. The light already is very short and the incoming traffic when trying to turn left into the highway is always very long making it almost impossible to turn in the mornings when we are all trying to go to work. People have to put themselves in the middle of the intersection and turn when the light has already turned RED. This is a horrible inconvenience that makes no sense and would be an EXTREMELY easy fix. If a TURNING SIGNAL LIGHT would be added, we could all turn into the highway and not have to wait until the light has changed 3-4 times and waste about 10 minutes on one intersection, also people would stop taking red lights and potentially hurting themselves or others if an accident would occur. PLEASE consider making this EXTREMELY easy fix
  • Clayton Street And Pike Street Intersection Lawrenceville, Georgia - Lawrenceville
    Cars traveling north on S. Clayton St and turning west onto E. Pike street have no lane markers going through intersection. Two lanes turn onto a three lane road. Cars traveling on the inside lane sometimes will turn onto the closest lane and sometimes onto the center lane. Cars on the outside lane can turn onto the far lane but also the center lane. With no lane markers the center lane is a suicide lane with cars coming from both the inner and outer turn lanes. Nearly got side swiped several times through this recently updated intersection. Who can I talk to about this issue?
  • Pot hole Archived
    Maltbie St. At Hurricane Shoals Rd Lawrenceville, GA - Lawrenceville
    Pothole, and VERY uneven road condition at this extremely busy intersection
  • Pothole Archived
    Hurricane Shoals Rd. At Maltbie St. Lawrenceville, Gwinnett, GA - Lawrenceville
    Pothole and very uneven road condition at this VERY busy intersection!
  • Traffic Light Archived
    Hwy 316 & Collins Hill Road Lawrenceville, GA - Lawrenceville
    I would have included a picture, but a video is what is needed. Since the construction of the bridge around Hwy 316 & Collins Hill began, the traffic light on Wal-Marts side was shifted over to the right. Anyone on the far right lane to go straight (over to the college) will have an eternal wait unless someone is in the middle lane going straight. This middle lane is a turning lane to go into the business and the college on the left, across the street. The sensors in the road was not shifted over along with the road. This has been going on for quite sometime. Traffic builds up, going as far back to Hurricane Shoals Road and beyond. When the construction crew shifted the road, the sensors in the road was not shifted. I guess this was too much trouble to do. I know that many college students and homeowners would greatly appreciate this being resolved. We all have to put up with the improvement at least they can do is not create more problems.
  • Pothole Archived
    Honest Alley Sw Lawrenceville, GA 30046, USA - Lawrenceville
  • Lakes Parkway Onto Riverside Lawrenceville, Georgia - Lawrenceville
    We sat through three cycles of the light changing and the turn signal to turn onto Riverside from Lakes Parkway never turned green. It stayed on the red.
  • 2555 University Parkway Lawrenceville Georgia - Lawrenceville
    After exiting from 316 to Buford Drive, the traffic backs up in the afternoon after 5PM. There are only 2 very short lanes to turn left and it is a very congested area. If the 2 left lanes were extended by 100 feet, the cars could better occupy the space. Also consider reviewing the traffic lights and how long they are green to properly handle the traffic flow
  • 235 Sasnett Dr. Lawrenceville, GA - Lawrenceville
    Several houses in Camden Park neighborhood have recently had graffiti sprayed on them. Looks like gang activity.