Saco, Maine

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  • 33 Cumberland Ave Saco, Maine - Saco
    People are generally not stopping at the Mabel/Cumberland Ave stop sign (California stop, or worse). And people generally speed down Cumberland, with little consideration that there are children or pedestrians in general.
  • Left turns Archived
    Eastern Trail (Scarborough) & Main St & U.S. 1 & Interstate 195 Maine - Saco
    People take left turns here very often, which is signed as forbidden. This messes up traffic flow of an already terrible intersection, which frequently gets blocked by cars from Ocean Park Dr towards Hannaford.
  • 77-81 Ocean Park Road Saco, Maine - Saco
    Tress planted at the Food Pantry block your view when turning left off of Cumberland Ave.
  • 534 Main Street Saco, Maine - Saco
    Cars coming from Ocean Park Rd routinely block the intersection, not allowing cars coming off of 195 to go straight. There is signage on the Ocean Park Rd side to not block the intersection, but it is not enforced often
  • 82 Union St Saco, ME 04072, USA - Saco
  • 33-35 Cumberland Avenue Saco, Maine - Saco
    People rarely come to a complete stop here, and many don't even try.
  • 76 New County Road Saco, Maine - Saco
    The road is in terrible condition, even on a warm sunny day. It needs work badly.
  • Saco Maine - Saco
    street light between 3 and 5 Saratoga Lane (pole 1.1) is constantly on
  • Eastern Trail (Scarborough) Saco, ME 04072, USA - Saco
    Remote pedestrian button on right side of the end of exit 2A 195 NB not working. All others seem to work.