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  • street light Archived
    10452 Brackets Ford Circle Manassas, Virginia - Manassas
    street light is out between 10540 - 10452 Brackets Ford Cir
  • 7209 Kipling Parkway District Heights, Maryland - Manassas

    I just had cataract eye surgery and I can not bend down or lift anything. I need someone to clear my sidewalk and driveway(Just so others can walk by safely)


  • 7209 Kipling Parkway District Heights, Maryland - Manassas

    I just had cataract eye surgery I am NOT supposed to bend down or lift anything with weight and I will need someone to clear the snow off of my sidewalk and driveway where people walk within 24 hrs. of the snow stopping per city ordinance. So if someone could come sometime after it stops snowing and within the 24 hr. time range it would be greatly appreciated. Rich 240-838-0375 cell


  • 9430 Stilson Drive Manassas, VA - Manassas

    My 84 year-old grandmother and my mother, who is suffering from MS and can barely walk, need help shoveling the snow in the driveway, the walkway and on the steps. The house is on the corner. Thank you so much.


  • On Aaron Lane Right After Entrance To Apartment Parking Lot Before Halter Path Manassas, Virginia - Manassas
    The pothole is very large. It's at least 24in. wide and 8in. deep. It's on the right side of the road. You have to head into the on coming lane to miss pothole. Very dangerous.
  • 8367 Gaither St MANASSAS, Virginia - Manassas
    Will need help Sunday and/or Monday with removal of snow from driveway and front sidewalk
  • 8950 Princeton Park Drive Manassas, Virginia - Manassas
    Westbound on Princeton Park Drive, the pole holding the stop sign at Burlington Court has fallen down.
  • 8515 Stonewall Rd manassas, Virginia - Manassas
    Point of Woods
  • Dumping Open
    Tacket Ave Manassas, VA - Manassas
    John Wagner Dump cut trees bushes Fairfax And Tacket and police said dump away. the said if he was a city tax payer he pay but he live not in the city so it ok Officer Cram.
  • 8251 Holly Grove Ct Manassas, Virginia - Manassas
    Street light in front of my house is out
  • Rt. 234 (Between Manassas Airport And Hoadly Road) Manassas, Virginia - Manassas
    I should have posted this years ago. In the area between 234 and Purcell Road we have large numbers of deer, foxes, and other wildlife that all too often end up as road kill on 234 because of the speed limit and the wider road. I'm not asking to change that, but if we could post some animal crossing/deer crossing signs along this piece of road that might help.