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  • 3900-3998 Highway 147 Richmond, Virginia - Mary Munford
    Cary Street Road westbound, in the left/center lane, at Layfette Street. There are loose cast iron valve covers and manholes that are loud and make a terrible nuisance when cars and trucks drive over then. Given the high traffic volumes on this street, there is constant noise being generated day and night. Here is a link to a you tube video with sound of the exact problem:
  • Potholes Archived
    3707 Ellwood Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Mary Munford
    Please repave Ellwood avenue. The potholes are terrible.
  • Potholes Archived
    3713 Ellwood Avenue Richmond , Virginia - Mary Munford
    There are numerous potholes from Cameron down Ellwood and across Hamilton. The splash back and rocks that come up when traffic goes by is damaging home owners vehicles. Some potholes are up to 8 / 10 inches deep. iIn addition the street looks like a patchwork due to all the many repairs that are temporary fixes. Repairing potholes would be a welcome needed start but repaving the road is what is really needed.
  • Other Archived
    3901 Grove Av Richmond, Virginia - Mary Munford
    Code Violation
    These property owners have not cleared snow from their sidewalks. This makes it very difficult for people who catch the bus here.
  • 1-99 South Hamilton Street Richmond, Virginia - Mary Munford
    There is some kind of blockage in this drain. Whenever it rains a lot it floods the street. None of the other drains in the area flood like that.
  • 4301 Grove Ave Richmond, VA 23221, USA - Mary Munford
    A ticket was create on 10/28 to address potholes and general regrading needed of the alleyway behind Grove Ave and Kingcrest pkwy. The ticket was closed without any work in the alleyway performed. Please address the needs of this high traffic alleyway. It needs to be graded every 6 months.
  • 11 Willway Ave richmond, va - Mary Munford

    Sidewalk damaged in front of 11 Willway Ave. It is a tripping hazard and a number of young children run on the sidewalk in this area. Please repair.


  • Other Archived
    3902 Ellwood Ave Richmond, Virginia - Mary Munford
    Metal plate seems to be forgotten. Several others in broader area have been repaved but not this one. Please!!!!!!!!
  • Other Archived
    1-99 Cameron Street Richmond, VA 23221, USA - Mary Munford
    Various loiterers panhandling and littering at the stoplight on Cameron St.
  • Potholes Archived
    Mary Munford Richmond, VA - Mary Munford
    This alley gets so much traffic from the church/school it forms potholes a week after it is repaired. It should really be a paved street or repaired ever other week. E Lock Lane and between Cary and Grove.
  • Broken curb Archived
    3707 Ellwood Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Mary Munford
    Hi, the curb in front of my house is all broken. There was once an asphalt patch on it but that crumbled away. The dirt is washing out of my yard and into the street since the curb isn't there to help retain it. Please come fix it, and not with another asphalt patch.
  • Alley Archived
    4602 Cary Street Road Richmond, VA - Mary Munford
    Alley used for preschool carpool. Not passable unless you have a truck. As much as it is used, it should be paved. Alley is east of church (Location has an alley needing repair for large holes in dip in the surface. This right of way alley supports a pre-school with high volume of traffic. Please repair in the very near future as the holes make it difficult to navigate alley.