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  • speed trap Archived
    9100 Sw Howard Dr Kendall, FL - Kendall
    4 lane wide divideded road 30 mph is rediculous. Should be 40 mph as102 av is residential all 40 mph. Police hide on Howard Dr at 91 av all the time as they know it looks like a 40 mph zone. Raise to 40 mph zone
  • 8620 Sw 87 Avenue Miami, FL - Kendall
    I have reported this several times ... to no avail....
    Street light is out in front of my house on 87 avenue 33173 and has been out for weeks
  • TRAFFIC Archived
    8429-8577 Mills Drive Town & Country Shopping Center, Kendall, FL 33183, USA - Kendall
    Extreme congestion!!!! No efficient traffic flow what so ever!
  • 7895 Southwest 100th Street Miami, Florida - Kendall

    We have been notified of a proposed traffic bump//hump to be placed on SW 100 st, just west of SW 79 Avenue. We vote NO for a hump because:
    1. When a no left turn signal/sign was put on the corner of SW 77 Ave. and SW 98 St., this did no good. No one follows heed and they still make left turns that take them west on SW 100 St. They are speeding because no one is monitoring their left turns and their driving west on
    SW 100 st.

    2. There is a 4-way stop on the corner of SW 100 ST and 79 Avenue—this does not stop the speeding on SW 100 St. There have been several pedestrian deaths at this corner. The city put a traffic circle on the corners of SW 100 ST and SW 82 Avenue—by the park. The same type of circle should have been placed at the corner of SW 100 ST and SW 79 Avenue. We once heard that the intersection is too small for a traffic circle, however, it should be a smaller circle and does not need landscaping. Safety is a priority!

  • 7800 Sw 117th Ave Kendall, FL 33183, USA - Kendall
    There is a black Toyota parked in front of South Florida Educational Credit Union that is blocking the walkway from the sidewalk to the building for pedestrians and those in wheelchairs. This is a major safety hazard as people have to walk in from the driveways and risk getting hit by cars exiting or entering the building.
  • Sw 88 St@Us 1 Pinecrest, FL 33156, USA - Kendall
    When heading south on US1 there is no left signal allowing left turn towards Kendall Drive going East. In moments of heavy traffic it is really a hassle not to be able to turn. It does take forever or you must drive to the next possible left turn that takes unwanted traffic into a residential street.
  • 10321 Sw 90 Avenue Miami, FL - Kendall
    Flashes off o on...usually is off at night.
    Pole # is 86347405006
  • 8620 Sw 87t Avenu Miami, FL - Kendall
    Light is out in front of my house (8620 SW 87th Avenue)
  • Sw 107 Av & Sw 112 St Miami, FL - Kendall
    Eastbound Street Name Sign on traffic signal pole is strobing/flashing
  • 12620 Sw 113 Ct Miami, FL - Kendall
    I am reporting a pothole at the end of our driveway on 12620 SW 113 CT. Please send crew to fix it before it becomes a hazard.
  • 11001 Sw 76th St Miami, FL 33173, USA - Kendall
    There are no active cross guards on duty. Buses are parked illegally on curb. This is a public school and traffic is not being enforced up to DOT, state, or local regulations.
  • 11498 Sw 103 St Miami, FL - Kendall
    large Pothole right in the corner of sw 115 ave & sw 103 st
    zipcode 33176