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  • 19596-19654 120th Avenue Northeast Bothell, Washington - Bothell
    There is some street flooding that has been blocking the far right lane going North on 120th. This has been going on for over 6 months. There are cones in the road, but it often blocks traffic and creates some near accidents for those who didn't expect it because they don't drive that way often.
  • 19500-19524 120th Avenue Northeast Bothell, Washington - Bothell
    The light at the intersection of 195th and 120th stays green for the traffic traveling either direction on 120th for less than 60 seconds. In the morning and evening, there is a lot of traffic going both ways on 120th, and sometimes the light will stay green for the other direction for over 5 minutes with very few cars going through, while traffic piles up on the cross street.
  • 19699 109th Ct Ne Bothell, WA 98011 - Bothell
    Rough pot holed road going up the hill, southbound. Frequent standing water decays pavement.
  • Dumping Trash Archived
    11808-11896 Northeast Woodinville Drive Bothell, Washington - Bothell
    People use this area to dump appliances and other trash. It needs to be cleaned up.
  • Litter Archived
    11700-11776 Woodinville Dr Bothell, WA, 98011, USA - Bothell
    This is on the river access road off of Riverside Drive. There are other piles of trash that has been dumped along the road.
  • 22801-22831 Bothell Everett Highway Bothell, Washington - Bothell
    N405 canyon Park exit making left onto Bothell Everett HWY just as you enter the intersection from the end of the exit
  • 17432 Bothell Way Ne Bothell, Washington - Bothell
    Pothole on Bothell Way at Drive from Riverfront Condo's and Andy's 5 Star Flooring. thanks
  • State Hwy 522 Bothell, WA - Bothell
    Hwy 522 where construction for the UW campus offramp is. The bumps for this construction area are at least an 1" tall and my cars always rub at posted speed limit. Regularly have to slow 5-10mph slower to make sure vehicles don't rub or bottom out.
  • Trail safety Archived
    Burke-Gilman Trl Bothell, WA, 98011, USA - Bothell
    To the right of the front of the tunnel there is a sign indicating that the height of the opening is 12 feet. If you look closely you’ll see someone corrected the sign by saying it was 8‘9“. That looks about right to me. So the sign says the opening is more than 3 feet higher than it actually is. So I suggest that you either remove the sign or put a correct sign indicating the actual height of the opening to the tunnel and to do that on both sides. that is, the site that is pictured, as well as the other side of the tunnel if it’s important to indicate the height of the opening due to vehicles entering it in a way that is similar to postings on the heights of bridges on highways.
  • Trail safety Archived
    Burke-Gilman Trl Bothell, WA, 98011, USA - Bothell
    This foot bridge is between new bridge at Bothell Landing Park and foot bridge that goes into Blythe Park in Bothell. This is the west end of the bridge looking up Sammamish River. There is a pretty large opening between the bridge and the fence. Very dangerous should a bike tire or a person’s foot especially a little one fall in the gap. The big exposed nails are frightening.
    I think this is an urgent matter. Thank you
    Jeanne Stickel, Bothell.
  • Sammamish River Trl Bothell, WA, 98011, USA - Bothell
    This is now the THIRD time I've witnessed a tree fall on the Sammamish River Trail in the last year. A woman was hit by one that I witnessed last year. This time, I was ten seconds from being crushed. We were able to clear the tree from the path. You MUST get out there an cut these overhanging trees no matter what it does to the environment. Lives are at risk! This is just east of the 405/522 overpass.
  • Burke-Gilman Trl Bothell, WA, 98011, USA - Bothell
    See picture. There’s a new graffiti since yesterday