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  • W Trenton Ave Morrisville, PA 19067, USA - Morrisville
    Fill these potholes! The entire road is shredded!
  • 23 W Trenton Ave Morrisville, PA 19067 - Morrisville
    The stretch of W Trenton Ave between the Calhoun St Bridge and Pennsylvania Ave is horrendous.
  • Berkley Drive Yardley, PA 19067, USA - Lower Makefield Township
    On a daily basis, the delivery driver for papers including The Wall Street Journal, Courier Times, IBD, USA Today, speeds through the neighborhood and coasts through the stop sign. Attempts have been made to politely ask her to slow down but I have heard her shout back at the person requesting her to slow down.
  • Hamilton Blvd Morrisville Pa 19067 - Morrisville
    Pot holes on Hamilton Blvd near west trenton Ave going East. Morrisville throws gravel in holes. Area is in need of a full repair.
  • Market St Morrisville, PA - Morrisville
    Homeless guy named "DC" is living in a cargo trailer on the Jiffy Wash property selling drugs day and night.
  • 100-140 S Main St Yardley, PA 19067, USA - Yardley
    There are numerous potholes on main st in yardley around the fire house. You have to drive into the middle of the road to miss them.
  • Kirby Drive Morrisville, Pennsylvania - Lower Makefield Township
    There are several telephone poles that have been damaged (actually split) near intersection of Kirby Dr & Lions Dr. New ones were installed back in 2010 but the damaged ones were never taken away and are a extreme danger especially in the severe wind & rain storms we are having. They are hanging on wires over the sidewalks and homeowners property's.
  • 1920 Riverside Drive Trenton, NJ - Lower Makefield Township
    The park and street in front of the apartments in the 1900 block of Riverside Drive are a disgusting mess of litter, which is falling into the river.
  • 1-99 E Trenton Ave Morrisville, PA 19067, USA - Morrisville
    Please fix ALL of the potholes and holes in the street. It is terrible on the tires
  • West Trenton Ave Morrisville, PA - Morrisville
    The Traffic lights on west trenton ave needs to be updated with newer safer ones like only one side goes at a time or at least install arrows left turning signal lights on all theses traffic lights(the one by dollar tree needs it the most) on this road there is too many car accident's on this road its important this iusse is fixed this will safe lives please fix them they also could use the bright LED lights in the traffic lights to there to dim the one by plaza blvd you cant even see sometimes because there so dim please fix the traffix lights please!!!
  • 1892-1998 Yardley Langhorne Rd Morrisville, PA 19067, USA - Lower Makefield Township
    Heading towards Floral Vale and Township Line Rd, coming off of Stony Hill there is a long series of very deep pot holes. They go from almost the beggining of the road (from Stony Hill) to right before the bridge for 95. Be very careful! You have to go into the opposing lane a bit to avoid them. They are VERY bad and deep.
  • 1773-1775 Yardley Newtown Rd Morrisville, PA 19067, USA - Lower Makefield Township