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  • Peatonagedon Archived
    1872 Glendale Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026 - Echo Park
    Glendale is absolutely @#$% on earth; dangerous, ugly, polluted, this is literally where the 2 freeway vomits onto the people of Echo Park. For those who do not drive, adjacent Alvarado street is the only convenient connector to Northeast Los Angeles for the majority of people living in Echo Park, Silver Lake basically everywhere southwest of the 5. There was city talk of removing parts of the freeway and calming traffic but no clue where that has gone beyond ridiculous development talks.
  • Glendale Blvd And 2 Fwy - Silver Lake
    At the entrance of the 2 FWY (Glendale FWY) North from Glendale Blvd., there is a nasty pothole which can jerk the wheel right out of your hand.
    UPDATE: 2.25.11 - There was a quick fix, but there is still an issue on one of the two lanes.
  • Bellevue Ave Los Angeles, CA - Echo Park
    The alley between Belmont and Bonnie Brae just North of Bellevue and South of Clinton is in terrible shape. I can barely drive down it and I have an suv.
  • 1005 Rosemont Ave Los Angeles, CA - Silver Lake
    Tree has split sidewalk completely apart. Giant slaps of concrete jet up three feet, balancing on a root, it shakes as you stand on it. Very dangerous, difficult to get around.
  • 1639-1699 Bellevue Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90026, USA - Echo Park
    Water up and down park going down gutter
  • 1747 Clinton St. los angeles, CA - Echo Park
    I'm sending in a letter to animal control about the dog at this residence. It won't stop barking and provokes other dogs to do the same.
  • 1439 47th Ave Oakland, California - Echo Park
    Behind 1439 47th ave (bancraft way) there is a lot of trash such as large furniture and mattress covering the sidewalks. Due to the large amount of mattress, homeless people are camping out and having sex in public. This is very disrupting to have to see because young kind utilized that street to go to the school down the street.
    The amount has of trash/mattress can cause another safety hazard! A few weeks ago, it caused a fire in which we had to contact the fire department.