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Pilot project for Wilton 311 Citizen Service System

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  • 74 Danbury Road Wilton, Connecticut - Wilton
    Every intersection on Route 7 from Georgetown to Norwalk has a left turn signal light except Grumman Hill Rd. During morning and evening rush hour, cars idle for 2-3 light changes to make a left turn. However, travelers going north and turning into ASML have a turn signal light.
  • Rt 33 And Old Ridgefield Rd - Wilton
    The new traffic light when entering and exiting the center from Rt. 33 is causing a tremendous back up when leaving Wilton center. Where there never were more then 3 cars waiting to exit, there are now always 7 to 8 cars. This traffic light is totally unnecessary. Why was it installed?
  • School Road Wilton, CT 06897, United States of America - Wilton
    Cider mill school. Basketball rim will not lower. UNFAIR for younger kids!!!
  • Pimpewaug-Rte 7 - Wilton
    How many traffic lights were installed and you left out this intersection? Cannot get out of there going left towards's not safe!
  • 2 Grumman Hill Rd Wilton, CT 06897, USA - Wilton
    While going on Rt. 7 South, there is no left turn signal light at the Grumman Hill Rd. intersection. This street leads to the Montessori School, so in the morning it is fairly well traveled. Turning left from Rt. 7 to Grumman Hill Road is very dangerous. A green arrow light during morning rush hour would be very much appreciated by those waiting to turn left at the light, as well as by commuters being congested into one lane because of those intending to turn left. Drivers with children in the car often take risks when jumping in to traffic to make a left turn since the traffic going in the northerly direction is unrelenting.
  • 22 Seeley Rd wilton - Wilton
    the Fed RR Admin has said mandatory horn blowing at road crossings is not necessary IF the crossing have proper safety gates. Ours do -- and we shouldnt have to listen to this unnecessary noise pollution
  • 417 Olmstead Hill Rd Wilton, CT 06897, USA - Wilton
    It is so unnecessary to have a No Turn on Red / Stop Light at the intersection of Olmstead Hill Road & Route 7. At night, you won't see a car for minutes & you just have to sit there. In the morning, you risk missing your train. Just a few months ago, it was a stop sign! Please get rid of this.
  • 49-325 Valley Rd New Canaan, CT 06840, USA - New Canaan
    Full of potholes along southbound side of road.
  • Belden Hill Rd Wilton, CT 06897, USA - Wilton
    Going north on Belden Hill there is a stop sign to turn left on Drum Hill. There is also a warning sign that cautions that traffic from the left does no stop. The bigger problem is that traffic from the right also does not need to stop and it is harder to see traffic from the right coming. The sign should be updated to include both warnings.
  • 3-37 Nod Hill Rd Wilton, CT 06897, USA - Wilton
    Traffic light or 2 Stop signs(1 north and 1 south) on 33 & Nod Hill Rd Very limited visibility for both North and South Rt 33 drivers. Nod Hill drivers w little or no visibility. Extremely dangerous during rush hours.
    This will also allow Signal Hill residents to turn safely north/south onto Ridgefield road.
  • Intersection Of 33 & 57 - Wilton
    When driving north on Route 33 from Westport to Wilton, the left turn traffic arrow at the intersection of Westport Road & Chestnut Hill Road lasts at most 15 seconds. It is impossible to make the turn in the alotted time if you are the second car in line,the car in front of you, which is usually not making the turn, has barely moved into the intersection when the arrow changes to orange leaving the second car with the red arrow preventing the turn. The green arrow timing must be adjusted so drivers can actually use it to make a left turn.
  • 240 School Road Wilton, Connecticut - Wilton

    For two weeks the basketball rims have not been lowering correctly. The staff has done everything they can to address the issue to no avail. These need to be fixed before the kids play again next weekend.

    It’s not fair to the children but equally important we pay far too much in taxes for the equipment in our schools to be faulty and not quickly repaired.