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  • 11201 11231 Sw 95th Ave Tigard, OR - Tigard
    This is an intersection that doesn't need All-Way Stop Control. There should only be STOP signs on the North/South legs of the intersection.
  • Sw Spruce St Tigard, OR - Tigard
    This is a very dark street. There have been thefts and accidents in this area. Installation of a street light at this corner would dramatically improve the night time safety and visibility for the residents of these cross streets.
  • 12745 Sw Walnut St Tigard, OR - Tigard
    Raise the speed limit on this part of Walnut to 35 MPH
  • 10650 Southwest Mcdonald Street Portland, OR 97224, USA - Tigard
    Signage blocks view of northbound 99 traffic from McDonald.
    Ground level sign near sidewalk.
  • 1207 Se Hawthorne - Tigard
    Trash an debris sewer water flowing across sidewalk and into curb drain
  • 11100 Sw Walnut St Tigard, OR - Tigard
    Put in sidewalks on one side of walnut for safety near the school
  • Walmart 7600 SW Dartmouth St, Portland, OR, 97223, USA - Tigard
    Dilapidated vans and RVs that look obviously occupied by transients and often having plates expired by years often seen camped out in Walmart parking lot in the evening.
  • 11541-11549 Highway 99w Tigard, Oregon - Tigard
    With all the new construction on Highway 99 recently it has caused noticeable issues. When construction was performed and lanes were adjusted they dug grooves into the roadway to remove the old stripes and painted new ones, but they never smoothed out the groves from where the old stripes were located. This may not seem like a big issue...But when it's dark out and raining, the new stripes are nearly invisible, and the groves stick out like a soar thumb. I see countless people daily following the grooves, oblivious to the fact that they have drifted half way out of their lane. This is a big safety concern.
  • 11800-11850 Sw Commercial St Tigard, OR 97223, USA - Tigard
  • Winco Foods 7501 SW Dartmouth St, Portland, OR, 97223, USA - Tigard
    sh_tty vagrant RV/van have been appearing in the far SW and SE corner of parking lot late at night.