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  • 159 Jefferson Heights Catskill, NY - Jefferson Heights

    Don't let biased regional VA Administration relocate the Catskill CBOC (our Veterans Healthcare Clinic) to Columbia County!

    Please sign this petition:

  • 20 W Main St Catskill, NY 12414, USA - Catskill
    Because the Church does not allow their Patrons to smoke on their property, they feel they can hang out in the street in front of the church as well as private properties along West Main Street. These people gather in groups, sometimes in private driveways and under trees on private front lawns. This should never be allowed and should be addressed by the Church. If the church can't address this, then it should be handled by Catskill police.
  • Rt 28 From 214/Phoenicia Turn Off To Rt 42 Shandaken, NY 12480, USA - Shandaken
    Route 28 from rt 214 / Phoenicia turn off to rt 42 has numerous potholes that need to be patched. called the dot about 2 weeks ago and no action yet. If they had repaved this section of rt 28 last year instead of the section from Mt Tremper to Phoenicia which did not need it as bad as this section did and still does it would not be as bad as it is now! It is like driving an obstacle course you at times have to go in the opposing lane to avoid the holes. Right after the 214/ Phoenicia turn off is a large hole on the right which instead of fixing they just put a barrel over . why they cannot fix the hole is beyond me it has been that way for at least 2 weeks now. Dot start doing your job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 169 Bridge St Catskill, NY 12414, USA - Catskill
    Every night, crowds of tow truck drivers, teenagers, etc.. gather outside of Dunkin donuts and harass patrons.
  • U.S. 9 W Catskill, NY - Greene County

    There are numerous dead tree branches and trunks hanging on power lines all up and down US Route 9W all the way from Catskill to Saugerties!

    The dead tree trunks and branches are laying on the powerlines after they have fallen down the hill at this location.

    They are hanging directly over the roadway, and are going to fall on someone's vehicle and they will get KILLED when one falls through someone's WINDSHIELD!!!

  • 1 Main St Catskill, NY 12414, USA - Catskill
    I keep hearing a gun shot sound from across the river. It goes off almost every minute and can be heard from the RVP Bridge to the Point on the Catskill side. Does anyone know what this noise is? It is freaking out my dog, so much that I can't even walk him in Catskill. I has been going on for at least a week now.
  • 6287 State Highway 23a Tannersville, NY 12485, USA - Tannersville
    There are giant potholes on Rt 23a in front of The Bank of Greene County.
  • Broome Street And Grandview Ave - Catskill
    At the four way stop of Broome street and Grandview Avenue, there is a constant running of the stop signs. Most people don't stop or don't give right of way to cars at the intersection. Someone is going to get hurt there.
  • 22-42 Landon Ave. - Catskill
    The younger set that works at Pomodoros creates a rukus all night long most nights of the week. Yelling, power braking their cars, throwing stuff, inducing girls to scream, banging on dumpsters. Why?!?!! Please Catskill police, give us a quieter neighborhood at 3 a.m. most nights!
  • New York 23a Elka Park, NY 12427, USA - Greene County
    Need to improve cell coverage going up and down mountian.
  • 8001-8003 U.S. 9w Catskill, NY 12414, USA - Greene County
    A street light is needed here because slow-moving school buses leaving their garage on Browns Crossing Road are coming out on dark mornings onto Route 9W, which has a 55 mph speed limit (too high; should be 45), and, because of a curve and hill to the south has a very limited sight distance.
  • Numbers Have Not Been Issued To The Building Lots Along Darling Ave - Greene County
    Darling Ave. is a Street Sign marked road that goes due North from Grand Road to the red Marker, and then cuts left (West) straight into Lakeside Road.