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  • 966 Quaker La Warwick, Rhode Island - Warwick
    There are many potholes on the extension road from Quaker lane to tellmore road. Daily there are large motorhomes, tractor trailer trucks and trucks from Air Gas full of tanks traveling on this road. It is the worst right in front of Arlington Rv.
  • Telmore Rd Warwick, Rhode Island - Warwick
    There are a series of potholes as you head south on Telmore right before Arlington RV. A couple have gotten very deep since the last couple storms creating a hazard as drivers dodge them.
  • 3240-3268 Rhode Island 117 Warwick, RI 02886, USA - Warwick
    Ever since the construction, that is not happening anymore, the road has just stayed the same. It needs to be paved ASAP. Terrible road, holes and bumps everywhere.
  • 20 Darby Street Warwick, RI - Warwick
    there is only one street light on Darby Street: across from 20 and 30 Darby. Has been flickering for months . Has been out for a month.
  • 311 Crestwood Road Warwick, RI - Warwick
    Street light is "cycling" on & off
  • Pothole Archived
    146-156 Parkway Dr Warwick, RI 02886, USA - Warwick
    There is a pot hole right on the corner of Inman Ave and Parkway Dr.
  • 75 Yellowstone Ave Warwick, RI - Warwick
    Pole #4 on Yellowstone Ave has a street light that continually cycles on and off all night.
  • Cedar Swamp Road Warwick, RI - Warwick
    Pole 16 at the end of Cedar Swamp road is out. Was it shut off or did it burn out?
  • Street Lights Archived
    229 Strawberry Field Rd Warwick, RI 02886, USA - Warwick
    There are a few street lights out starting at bartlett and heading west on strawberry field rd.
  • 152 Budlong Ave Warwick, RI 02888, USA - Warwick
    Totally bumpy and not repaved. This covers Budlong from Pettaconsett Ave to Norwood Ave.
  • Pocahontas Drive & Algonquin Warwick, RI - Warwick
    In the last week vandals have been spraying city signs with graffiti in this area. They have hit two signs so far and are unlikely to stop. In the last 24 hours they sprayed a sign on Pocahantas and Wauregan as well. A police presence in the late evenings and overnight in this area may deter this in the future.
  • 153 Inman Ave Warwick, RI - Warwick
    street light is out on pole #14 in front of 153 inman ave