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  • 76 State St Bristol, RI 02809, USA - Bristol

    The town issues residential parking stickers to residents of the 'residential parking zone' so that people who do not live in the area are restricted to 2 hours of parking per day.

    The town does not enforce this yet they continue to give out the stickers.

  • Hope St Bristol, RI - Bristol
    Street names are only visible heading in one direction (towards the Mt Hope Bridge) along Hope and High Streets. Following 114 towards Warren, you can't tell the names of side streets until you look in your rear view mirror.
  • 14 Cedar Drive Bristol, RI - Bristol
    Light on utility pole is out
  • 142 Kickemuit Avenue Bristol, Rhode Island - Bristol
    It is especially dangerous if attempting to go around the pothole, taking you into the oncoming traffic lane, because of the width of this well travelled road.
  • 20 Rich St Malden, Massachusetts - Bristol
    I lived at 20 Rich st. In Malden MA. While living there my health declined both physically and mentally. I found mold in almost every single room. I broke out with a rash that has yet to go away. 2nd florr unit had bed bugs and I am emailing you today because I just removed two black bugs from underneath my skin. The house should not have people living there.
  • 567 Metacom Ave Bristol, Rhode Island - Bristol
  • 585 Metacom Ave Bristol, Rhode Island - Bristol
  • 601 Metacom Ave Bristol, RI 02809, USA - Bristol

    Cars headed south on Metacom Ave at Gooding at the red light have two lanes that turn into one after the Shell station.

    The right lane at the light should be right turn only.

    What happens is that cars go to the right lane in order to pass the car ahead of them but then the second lane disappears so it becomes a game of chicken.

    Aggravating the situation is that they still allow left turns into the Brooks plaza just at the point where the southbound travel lanes turn into one lane. Those cars should have moved into the left turn only lane at the light.

  • Old Ferry Rd Bristol, RI - Bristol

    RWU wants to sell its million dollar water tower to the water company (BCWA) for $1 in order to avoid paying for long term maintenance of the tower.

    The water tower is to help provide them with more water pressure which the BCWA states it is not responsible for. Home owners without sufficient water pressure are given a one time stipend for equipment which covers a small part of the cost and after that breaks down the bills are not covered.

    In order to facilitate the water tower the BCWA spent several hundred thousand dollars on digging up Ferry Rd to install new water pipes for the tower feed. This cost has not been reimbursed by RWU. A homeowner here would have to pay 100% of the cost of any feed pipes to connect for their water feeds.

  • 585 Metacom Ave Bristol, Rhode Island - Bristol
  • Pothole Open
    26 Andrews Ct. Bristol, Rhode Island - Bristol