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  • Main Rd Fall River, MA - Tiverton
    Marchand Street in Fall River NEEDS to be plowed ASAP. It's as if it had never been plowed, the sidewalks are clear and the street is a mess. Residents having to call out of work due to the fact that their street is inaccessible is really inexcusable seeing as this storm was more than 48 hours ago. My husband plows, not for the city, he is a private contractor and has several large accounts within Fall River. His obligation is to service them 1st as they are paying quiet a large sum of money to ensure the safety of their patrons/patients, then he has his smaller accts, ie: private driveways, side roads, small businesses etc....and he has managed to keep up with their needs as well as accepting requests from many Fall River residents asking for help. He hasn't had much rest since the 1st flake fell on Friday, but he can't and won't rest until he knows his services are no longer needed. These past couple of days he has dedicated his time to people whom need to be plowed out of this mess in order to go to work. They have NO CHOICE and if they are unable to go to work because the street they live on are is inaccessible, that means they will have to sacrifice a need once payday comes. No work ='s No money!!! The people of Marchand Street have resorted to driving on the sidewalks in order to get where the need to go. The sidewalk are almost completely clear of snow and this is their only option, if caught they face getting fined, but there isn't any other way. Several people of this neighborhood have done all they can to try and get the city to listen and help, WITH NO LUCK THUS FAR!!! I get that the storm was massive and there weren't enough plows out to keep up, but in all fairness, we are almost 4 days POST storm and these complaints should have been addressed. They asked the Mayor, DPW, Fall River Police Dept and other so called resources, still NO answer or luck!!! My husband is out plowing now, trying to help as many "snowed in" people as he possibly can, he hasn't asked for a dime, nor does he want or expect to be compensated, but he what he could use is this cities help. From yesterday at 5am thru this evening he has cleared as best as possible 18 city side roads, 42 snowed in/stuck cars and trucks as well as making somewhat of a path for a few elderly people who flagged him down asking for help just so they could get to the store across the street. He hasn't turned one person down and also has a few friends behind the seems doing them same, they ask one want nothing from these people, but we would greatly appreciate any help these nice people on Marchand Street can get at this moment, they have been quiet patient and understanding, but today having to call out of work because the street still has inches of snow covering it isnt making matters any easier. My husband is doing all he can and plans on getting there sometime tonight to help, but he is one person and I am asking the city for help, help these people out please. Thanks!!!
  • State Av Fall River, MA - Tiverton
    pot holes state av. west side of southmain st
  • Pot Hole tiverton , RI - Tiverton
    Top of Hancock St. at the corner of Stafford Rd.
  • 37 Daniel Church Road Tiverton, RI - Tiverton