State Rep. Jason Rojas

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Watching issues created after: 2009-10-26

9th Assembly Distirct

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  • Miller Pond Rd. And Bush Hill Rd. Manchester CT 06040 - Manchester
    While pulling out of Miller Pond Rd. there is no visibility as to West bound cars. There is a dip in the road on Bush Hill. Therefore, you cannot see the on coming car to your left,until it is on top of you. You actually have to pull out into the travel portion of Bush Hill to see any cars coming. The site line is blocked by mailboxes , tree growth and the dip in the road. Going east on Bush Hill and turning left onto to Miller Pond, you have to go nearly past Miller Pond to get to an area, that has safe visibility, pause,make sure there is no car in the dip of Bush Hill Rd., then turn quickly. This is a very dangerous intersection, however, the town comes to observe in high seated trucks and does not seem to think this is a problem. In addition to this problem is the speeding issue as well.
  • Road repair Acknowledged
    2-52 Oak St East Hartford, CT 06118, USA - East Hartford
    50 Oak St. MDC dug up the road in the winter to repair a broken water main. The patch job from is so bad people are constantly crossing over the yellow line into the on coming lane to avoid driving over a VERY poorly patched road....Please help
  • 731-871 Hillstown Rd Central Manchester, CT 06040, USA - Manchester
    Tall grass on east edge of Hillstown creates sight line issue when turning left or right onto Hillstown from Bush Hill Rd. This grows higher as summer continues. Town discussions went nowhere last year, requested Police traffic assessment, instead got Zoning Officer with predetermined attitude after several calls to coordinate meeting at location.
  • Griswold St Glastonbury, CT - Glastonbury
    There is a large downed tree laying on a power line and across Griswold Street. It's very dangerous and cars continue to drive under the tree.
  • 76 Oak St. 06118 - East Hartford
    Somebody set up a stand in a residential area of E. Hartford and is selling pocketbook
  • Graffiti Archived
    Oak Street East Hartford, CT - East Hartford
    There has been a deer crossing sign covered in graffiti for over 5 years now. Its an eyesore and you can't even see the photo on the sign in an area where deer often cross to access Porter Brook. Is this fixable? The sign is located heading south on Oak Street, just before the intersection of Farnham Drive. Thank you
  • 1231 Main St Central Manchester, CT 06040 - Central Manchester
    The lights under the American and town flag lights are out. I have reported to the town but they haven't changed them yet.
  • Manchester CT 06040, USA - Manchester


    Haidar Abushaqra has been missing for 3 months and it seems that the authorities are not doing enough to help. He has a wife, six children, and many people who care about him. Help bring him home.

  • Lyness St Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    The sidewalks on this street have been neglected by the town for twenty years or more, and have become hazardous to walk on, causing people to walk down the middle of the street instead. They make this neighborhood look like a slum!
  • School St - Central Manchester
    I know vacuum day is coming but that does not give one the right to fill the road with leaves. I wish the police would come give everyone with leaves in the road or on the sidewalk a fine!
  • Prospect St Manchester, CT - Manchester
    Spray-painted racial graffiti on culvert under Prospect Street, visible from the sidewalk. Please paint over it! Also, broken glass on the sidewalk.
  • School St And Spruce St Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    The traffic light gets stuck and will not detect traffic heading east or west on School St. This creates a safety hazard as people need to get to work and often have to go through the red light.