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  • Pothole in Street Acknowledged
    1912 W Argyle St Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Lincoln Square
    this has been reported before twice and it keeps getting closed without getting fixed. there's a pothole where the apron of the alley meets Argyle. cars keep bottoming out and my vehicle has sustained damage. please don't close this unless the pothole actually gets fixed.
  • 4906 N Wolcott Ave Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Lincoln Square
    Cuts were made in the curb last year and a ramp down to street level was made of a sturdy red material. The brick red ramp was bolted to the sidewalk. The bolts are now loose as is the brick red ramp.
  • 1900 W. Ainslie chicago, - Lincoln Square
    The rain water sewer backs up for weeks at the intersection of Winchester and Ainslie.
  • 1912 W Argyle St Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Lincoln Square
    pothole in alley as alley meets the street. trucks and cars are always bottoming out and getting damaged.
  • Building Violation Acknowledged
    1946 W Argyle St Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Lincoln Square
    no Recycling containers available
  • 4919 North Winchester Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Lincoln Square
    Where do I file a flooding complaint? Floods every time it rains.
  • 1928 W Argyle Ave Chicago, Illinois - Lincoln Square
    Water main break in front of 1928 w argyle
  • 5000 N Winchester Ave Chicago, Illinois - Lincoln Square
  • Abandoned Vehicle Acknowledged
    1913 W Argyle St North Side - Lincoln Square
  • 1800 W. Ainslie - Lincoln Square
    I call it Lake Winchester! These people have a beautiful garden at the corner of Winchester and Ainslie but you can never see it because of the water that is constantly backed up there in a huge puddle blocking all the pedestrian crossways.
  • 4902 N Winchester Ave Lincoln Square - Lincoln Square
  • 1907 W Ainslie St Lincoln Square - Lincoln Square