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  • Harris Ns Eagle Providence, RI 02909, USA - Valley
    No body can walk!!!
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  • 38-58 Parade St Providence, RI 02909, USA - West End
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  • Fc Greene Blvd Roger Williams Park Providence, RI - South Elmwood
    Traffic uses FC Greene Blvd as a cut through to/from Park Ave/Warwick Ave. Speed limit is 15 MPH. Most traffic travels 35MPH+ with many over that up to 60MPH. Many heavy trucks where trucks are prohibited. No sidewalks, lots of joggers, walkers, kids, bikes, etc. Very dangerous. Park is a recreation area not a thruway.Park Administration refuses to address. We have appealed to the MAyor's office and the new City Councilor. No action at all. Another year has gone by. Still no help on this.
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  • 532 Kinsley Avenue Providence, RI 02909, USA - Valley
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  • 150 Benefit St Providence, RI 02903, USA - College Hill
    2 years later: Benefit St. streetlight not working. Dark and dangerous.
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  • RATS!! Archived
    1551 Westminster St. Providence, USA - Federal Hill
    Restaurant at 1551 Westminster St. regularly has over flowing dumpsters. I think they are bringing rats to the area! I see dozens of them at night! I took video of 7 rats in 10 minutes at 9PM on Thursday 8/12.
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  • Dexter Field Providence ri 02907 - West End
    People drink at night here and smash the bottles all over the place. The glass never gets picked up During the day they sit by the children's playground and drink. The place is unsanitary and very dangerous. Who wants their children playing in fields of broken glass? Can something be done?
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  • 110 Westminster Street Providence, RI 02903, USA - Downtown
    How can the owner of the failed 110 Westminster development get away demolishing 3 buildings and leaving us with a dirt lot with chained link fence in the financial district for 5 years!!! How about a park or a community garden for the residences in downtown?
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  • Cowper Court providence, rhode island 02909 - West End
    garages with broken doors filled with trash, mold and rodents
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  • 471 Allens Ave Providence, RI 02905, USA - Lower South Providence

    The rail tracks on Allens Avenue are a danger to cyclists traveling in the bike lanes, especially when wet. Most of the tracks are positioned at a steep angle to the lanes, such that a thin bicycle tire will suddenly catch and slide along the track, causing the rider to fall. I understand that the rails were retained for historic character; however, the danger to cyclists is greater. Please remove the rails that are positioned poorly in the bike lanes.

    John Mangili

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  • 33-69 Point St Providence, RI 02903, USA - Providence
    Concrete median/pedestrian shelter has been struck by several vehicles over the past year. Large chunks of crumbling concrete and rebar now protrude into the driving lanes. The median serves as a crossing shelter for pedestrians and protects sewer access under Point Street. This is a high density intersection and needs to be resolved before snow plows cause further damage.
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