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  • Pleasant Street Thomaston, USA - Thomaston
    The potholes along Pleasant Street from the Dunkin Donuts to Bristol Street are never truly fixed. The patch them and then they fall apart again. They were patched about 2.5-3 weeks ago and they are already starting to crumble! This wreaks havoc on our cars! Rip up the road and fix it right! The patches just aren't working!!
  • Smith Road Thomaston, CT - Thomaston
    " Maxine" is a black and white Pug. She was last seen on Smith Road Dec. 1, 2012. She is friendly and food motivated. Please email any information to Missing Pets of America!
    Let's work together to get Maxine home.
  • Pot Holes Archived
    1090 Hickory Hill Rd. thomaston, CT - Thomaston
  • 45-399 Prospect St Thomaston, CT 06787, USA - Thomaston
    The Road in some areas are washing away down the sides, Pot holes so big it makes you drive on the wrong side of a blind turn in order to avoid damaging your car. I canceled a plow customer on this road because the road is so bad.
  • Thomaston, CT - Thomaston
    Stop the chemtrail spraying in the sky .. google chemtrails, they are spraying immune system weakening chemicals.. watch the movie "what in the world are they spraying" .. and just look up watch the skies.. report all activity to your local congressman..
  • 164 Reynolds Bridge Rd Thomaston, CT 06787, USA - Thomaston
    Reynoldsbridge rd. Being used as a short cut for 18 wheeled trucks.
  • Hickory Hill Rd thomaston, ct - Thomaston
    Roads is torn up and in need of repaving.
  • Bayberry Dr CT 06787 - Thomaston
    Roads are in dire need of repair.
  • drugs Open
    164 Reynolds Bridge Rd Thomaston, CT 06787, USA - Thomaston
    #143 reynolds bridge rd. Is dealing drugs in his driveway as a drive through.
  • speed Open
    168 Reynolds Bridge Rd Thomaston, CT 06787, USA - Thomaston
    You need to do something about the speeding
  • pot holes Archived
    36 Meadow St. Thomaston, CT - Thomaston
    there are dozens of pot holes here on meadow st. It is in desperate need of repaving. It is horrible, the road is eroding literally, I was shoveling one time this year and I ended up accidently shoveling up pieces of the road, it needs paving now!!!
  • 64 Pleasant St Thomaston, CT 06787, USA - Thomaston
    At the end of Pleasant St it would be great if there were left and right turn lanes. Vehicles turning left sit in the middle of the road and this creates a huge backup for the cars turning right.