Near West Side Initiative

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The mission of the Near West Side Initiative (NWSI) is to combine the power of art, technology and innovation with neighborhood values and culture to revitalize Syracuse's Near West Side neighborhood. We strive to make the NWS one of the best neighborhoods to live and work in Syracuse.

Notified About

  • 147-199 Marcellus Street Syracuse, NY - Near Westside
    A portion of the sidewalk on the south side of Marcellus Street has collapsed leaving a large and dangerous hole
  • Syracuse, NY - Downtown

    This lot does not seem very secure, given the poor lighting and number of cars with bashed in windshields. Kind of frightening at night.

    Vandalized cars should be towed immediately, so that the lot doesn't pick up such an apocalyptic aura.

  • 218 Gifford Street Syracuse, New York - Near Westside
    Traveling westbound on Gifford St to the West St. intersection: The pad in the road does not activate the timer for the light so you will sit there until a car comes from the east on Gifford and activates the pad in the road in front of Nojaims. Drivers will sit there until they lose patience and run the red light. This has been broken for months, as well as the DURATION OF THIS LIGHT - This is one of the MOST TRAVELED pedestrian crossings in the city yet you only get ~20 seconds to get across the street .
  • 110 Fabius St Syracuse, NY, 13202, USA - Near Westside
    There's a square patch of pavement where circled in pix that the water department left after a repair. The area is about 8-10" deep and difficult to avoid due to it's location in the street. A tire popper for sure!
  • 503 South West Street Syracuse, New York - Near Westside
    Deep enough where my entire tire dropped down into it.
  • pothole Open
    W. Fayette St. At West St. Syracuse, New York - Near Westside
  • 108 Fabius Street Syracuse, New York - Near Westside
  • Dickerson Street Syracuse, New York - Syracuse
  • West Fayette Street Syracuse, NY - Near Westside
    There is a giant dip in the road on West Fayette street that needs to be paved properly. Its across from roses. Tired of hitting it everytime I turn onto West Fayette street. Theres is another dip on the other side of tipp hill that needs to be paved also on Avery ave. Please address these issues promply. Thanks.
  • W Fayette St Syracuse, New York - Near Westside
    At the intersection of Franklin Street and Fayette Street (a busy intersection) there is no walking signal installed as you cross over the side of the street opposite the Armory Square Garage. The 3 other sides of the intersection all have cross walk signs installed. There should be an installation of a 4th at this intersection.
  • Crater Open
    301-389 South West Street Syracuse, New York - Near Westside
    There is a crater in the left lane under the bridge just before W. Fayette street
  • 210 Otisco St Syracuse, NY 13204, USA - Near Westside
    A small garage has been abandoned and is in such disrepair it has recently collapsed in on itself.