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  • 66 Bowne Ave Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - Freehold
    The entire street is in bad need of repaving.
  • Intersection Of Conover And Elm Freehold, NJ - Freehold
    A group of four teenage males decided to throw snowballs at cars going down Conover street on December 30th. I understand that the police need to attend to emergencies, but where are the routine patrols? The snow was still an intense mess for the residents even 3 days after it stopped, and yet kids are "so bored" they have to create unsafe conditions for the already haggard people trying to just get around town? PLEASE PATROL THE STREETS!
  • 100 Barkalow Ave Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - Freehold
  • Potholes galore! Acknowledged
    Stokes St And Bowne Ave Freehold, NJ 07728 - Freehold
    The intersection of Stokes St and Bowne Ave had potholes that will eat your car if you aren't careful. All of Bowne Ave is horrid but it gets a lot worse right in the intersection. There are entire chunks of the road completely missing!
  • 4139-4193 U.S. 9 Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - Monmouth County
    I am writing about 2 areas where rt. 9 south intersects. First is where Rt. 9 South meets with Rt. 33 West, in front of Irwin car dealership. The traffic light is not at the corner of the intersection - it's in the middle of the street. When approaching the intersection, you cannot tell where the point of stopping is.Same on Rt. 9 & Rt. 79 , where Schank meets. Someone who is not familiar with this hazard will drive right through the busy intersection to reach the traffic light, which is in the middle of the intersection, not at the corner where someone should stop.
  • Hudson And Bennett - Freehold
    The intersection of Hudson and Bennett in Freehold Borough is a mess. There are several potholes and the pavement has been cracking more and more over the years. I don't understand why the borough has done nothing about this. Perhaps it's because the police vehicles do not travel this intersection considering how Center St. is always very well-maintained. Perhaps a nicely paved road would encourage people to cut through or speed. No matter what the reason, the locals should not have to ruin their cars just to travel here. The situation is ridiculously bad. Update 4/2/12: STILL getting worse and nothing has been done. Update 12/12/12: Cannot imagine how, but the holes in the street have gotten deeper. Soon we'll be able to see China.
  • Corner Of Dutch Lane Rd And East Freehold Rd - East Freehold
    This 4 -way blind corner is one of the most dangerous in the area due to the limited visibility, made even worse by the extremely high piled snow. Ive already seen one recent pretty bad accident at this site and Im certain there will be more. Every time I attempt to make a left onto Dutch Lane Rd. from E. Freehold Rd. I have to inch out because its almost impossible to see cars coming from the right until last second..and most are speeding to make the light at Kozloski. Whats ironic is that on the opposite corner is the E. Freehold Fire Department. Just saying
  • Rt 537 East From Elks Point To Freehold Twp Border. - Monmouth County
    Road needs resurfacing NOW...Full of old patches, pot holes, uneven road surface, and very dangerous when it rains.
  • 52 Barkalow Ave Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - Freehold
    There is trash galore behind my fence which backs up to the Park Ave School. I've called them and call them and they do nothing...
  • United States - Monmouth County
    Many commuters take the bus from this location and Rt 9/Schibanoff Lane. If parking on the Northbound side in the morning to take the bus in the evening to get back to cars this requires crossing over route 9. Cars that are making the left from Schibanoff on to Route 9 north at the same time and pedestrians have the 'OK' lit sign indicating they may cross in the crosswalk - drivers still are not stopping and yieling to pedestrians. At times they speed up to try and beat them into the intersection. There needs to be some sort of enforcement at this light or delayed turn signal for those crossing. Someone will get killed at this light if there is no change made, particulary when it is dark out when crossing over in the winter months.
  • 3672-3704 U.S. 9 Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - Monmouth County
    route 9 north bound before and after Main street overpass, the road has pot holes and pavement is raised like speed bumps.
  • 29-89 Schibanoff Ln Freehold, NJ 07728, USA - Monmouth County
    pot hole with a large lip, west bound lane aprox 25 feet before exxon entrance